Edison Light Globes Global Supply Chain Delays

We here at Edison Light Globes, like many manufacturers and producers are feeling the effects of slowed down production of the components we need to build our ” Made to Order” products due to the pandemic.

If you have ordered a product from us, and it seems it may be taking a bit longer to get to you than you anticipated, you can reach out to us at ,

[email protected]

and we will give you an update on the status of your order. More times than not, if we see there will be a delay in shipping your order because we are short a component to complete your order, we will reach out to you with an email explaining why the delay.

Once we have the components to complete your order, we will immediately finish your order and pack for shipping.

Keep in mind courier service like FedEx are also experiencing delays especially with ground shipments. If you are ordering in a tight time frame, FedEx ground could take up to an additional day to get to its destination.

We see these conditions for the foreseeable future.

We appreciate your business,

and will make every effort to get a Edison Light Globes product out to you in a timely manner.

Thank you, The Edison Team.