Vintage Edison E39 4 inch Spiral Goliath

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Vintage Edison E39 4 inch Spiral Goliath. From the last century, Edison tungsten filament bulbs set the standard for brighter, whiter incandescent lighting. This reproduction Vintage Edison E39 4 inch Spiral filament bulb at 8 inches in length has a spiral type filament surrounding a central pillar. With its warm amber glow, an Edison light bulb exudes a rustic charm like no other light bulb.

E39 is an industrial version bulb with many applications in the past including large metal shade type lights and Ships deck lamps. These shades were often made to accommodate the longer neck of this type of bulb and so the bulb is allowed to protrude further out from the neck. This also allows the hot end of the bulb to be further away from the electrical connection so as to minimize heat damage to electrical components. This is largely irrelevant now due to modern bulbs and sockets but the industrial nature of this design is still an interesting proposition. This bulb can also be used in our specially made pendant type sockets using braided or pulley cable. See our E39 Sockets, more soon.

A dimmer may be used to turn this fairly bright Vintage bulb all the way down to off.

Input Voltage: 120VAC
Rated Lamp Wattage: 60W
Life to 50% Failure: 2,000hrs
Dimmable: Yes
Colour Temperature: Very warm 1800K
Colour Rendition Index : 100Ra
Glass Type: Clear
Beam Angle: 360º
Base Type: Goliath Edison Screw E39, GES
Height Overall: 8″
Diameter: 4″
Certifications: FCC RoHS
Warranty: 1 years domestic, 3 months commercial.