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Lighting for Tiny Houses

Tiny House - The Woodsman Treehouse

As more people embrace the tiny housing trend, finding the right lighting solutions becomes crucial. Not only do you want to maximize space and style, but you also want to choose lighting options that are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and compatible with your off-grid electrical system. That’s where low voltage lighting comes…

Augmented Reality for Lighting Design

We have adopted a virtual reality approach for lighting design to help overcome the problem of understanding scale for lighting products. This article looks into a new 3D Augmented Reality design app making it easier to try before you buy. Buying lighting for your space has never been easier! Mobile…

Dancing with the stars Collaboration

Edison were lucky enough recently to get some TV exposure with a collaboration with Dancing with the Stars Australia.  The creative team were sourcing props for the final dance routines and contacted us to help them out. Claudia Karvan Dance Dancing with the Stars episode 3 saw our E40 pendant…