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When an electrical component is waterproof or weather proof there is normally a range of water resistant quality described by an IP Rating. It is quite a complex rating system and the rating should be applied by an electrical contractor who knows the application required and can determine the IP rating required.

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Our 24v low voltage kits can be used as permanent fixtures indoors and outdoors. When string lights are required in a commercial environment or for permanent external use, we would recommend that this system is implemented.

When the string lights are used in close proximity to people, the 24v kit is a safer option, primarily because there is a low voltage running through the cable. The globes are also poly-carbonate and will not shatter. Longer lengths can also be achieved using the low voltage system due to the overall watts used.

Our 240v party light kits have an IP44 rating when installed correctly but are not recommended as a permanent outdoor solution. The 240v option is an ideal temporary solution. We always recommend that caution is exercised when installing any electrical item and that the supplied installation documents are adhered to.

In order to achieve the IP rating the systems need to be installed correctly. This may involve an electrician who will confirm your requirements.

At voltages below 40v, electrical systems are not required to be IP rated.

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If you have an idea for a plumbing pipe light that you’d like us to build then we are here to help.

Plumbing pipe is a very versatile material to use, but there are limitations. It may be that you want to extend or subtract from one of our existing lights or have a new idea all together. Please send us as much information as possible. Any drawings you have (even a freehand sketch), dimensions, limitations regarding power access, globe choice, pipe finish and electrical hardware colour will all help us to be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

Once we have all of this information from you, we will be able to digitally draw an image for your approval that will fall within the limitations of the material.

Don’t be afraid to get creative – we’ll do our best to make it work. Send your info to [email protected] and don’t forget that we already have a large selection of plumbing pipe lighting here.

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Whilst we do not advertise custom designed lighting, we do have a large range of components that allows us to fashion a large variety of customised pendants. In most cases we will need accurate drawings or we will create accurate drawings prior to any quote and build.

We are best trying to fabricate from existing components but at times a job may require specially made parts. These items can take up to 10 weeks to be machined and plated so where possible we will attempt to design from parts that we have in stock.

Below is a light derived from our Billiard table pendant made for the Jockey Club at Kowloon Racecourse Hong Kong

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We are often asked how to order lighting for various size billiard tables.

This is a complex issue that relates to the table size and the room height as well as the specific requirement for lighting.

If your lighting requirement is largely for decorative effect then a single 3 or 4 light version with your choice of shade will work fine.

For more serious Billiards play where lighting plays an important factor perhaps a solid metal reflection shade closer to the table and more spread evenly over the table is advisable using perhaps two lights over a larger table.

Below are a range of standard billiard table sizes where one single light or two lights are used to spread lighting. If you have space in ceiling height then perhaps the larger braced plumbing pipe light may work best.

Options for 6’X 3′ table

6? x 3’ table with single 3 lamp 820mm light
6′ x 3’ table with single 3 lamp 820mm light
6 x 3 table with single 3 lamp 935mm light
6′ x 3′ table with single 3 lamp 935mm light
6 x 3 table with single 2 lamp 808mm light
6′ x 3′ table with single 2 lamp 808mm light

Options for 7’x3’6″ table

7 Foot Table 820 3W Billiard Light
7′ x 3’6″ table with single 3 lamp 820mm light
7 Foot Table with single 3 lamp 935mm light
7 Foot Table with single 3 lamp 935mm light

Options for 8’x4′ table

8' X 4' table with one 4 lamp 1230mm billiard table light
8′ X 4′ table with single 4 lamp 1230mm light
8′ X 4′ table with double 2 lamp 808mm lights
8′ X 4′ table with single 3 lamp large braced plumbing pipe light

Options for 9’x4’6″ table

9' x 4' 6
9′ x 4′ 6″ table with single 1536mm 4 lamp light
9' X 4' 6
9′ X 4′ 6″ table with single 3 lamp large braced plumbing pipe light

Options for 12’x6′ table

12′ X 6′ table with double 3 lamp 1024mm lights

12' x 6' table with double 1840mm 4 lamp lights
12′ x 6′ table with double 1840mm 4 lamp lights
12′ X 6′ table with single 3 lamp large braced plumbing pipe light
12′ X 6′ table with two 1250mm 4 lamp full size cross lights

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General information


All products come with a minimum 12 month warranty. If the product is delivered damaged or fails to work as advertised for domestic use we will issue a refund or a replacement. All incandescent vintage filament bulbs used in commercial applications are subject to a 3 month warranty. All LED bulbs are subject to a 2 year warranty and 1 year if used in commercial applications. Warranties require all electrical work to be completed by a licensed electrician and all items to be checked and deemed compliant prior to installation by your electrician.

Please check your order carefully noting technical specifications. If we place the order on your behalf you should carefully check the Invoice/quote before payment so we can rectify any discrepancies prior to shipping.

Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging

Incorrect items

If we have shipped the wrong item or you wish to return for a refund or replacement you can apply for a warranty on our website.  If you log in to our site there will be a list of your orders. These orders will have a warranty request button on each item if they are still listed as being purchased within the warranty period. Once your warranty period has elapsed the button will no longer be visible next to that order . If you wish you can contact support and make a request there.  Applying for a warranty online allows us to keep track of your request including shipping details.


For orders that arrive damaged we will repair or replace the product at our discretion. If items are damaged in transit we need to be notified within 7 days. Product delivered and subsequently stored for later opening will not be considered as damaged in transit.

We will endeavor to ship your order same day provided we have stock available. Larger or more complex orders may have a lead time of 1-4 weeks. Please check prior to ordering if you have a deadline.

All shipping costs calculated by our web calculator are as accurate as possible and in some cases a handling/packing fee is added. If you are unhappy with the fee applied please contact us. All items ordered for Australian delivery are shipped by Australia Post, DHL, or Startrack. For international orders we use DHL Express. International shipping requires a physical address. PO Boxes will not be accepted for international orders , DHL or Startrack.

When shipped, tracking codes are listed with your order on our website on “My Account” page. A signature is generally required for proof of delivery by you or an agent. You should choose this option if in doubt. If you allow “Authority to leave by default, neither Edison Light Globes nor the Courier Company will accept any responsibility for the continued safe custody of the goods or its security and no proof of delivery shall be required to be supplied. With an ‘Authority to Leave’ the risk for the goods passes to the purchaser (you) immediately upon delivery.

For the security of any delivery we strongly recommend a delivery address where someone is in attendance between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday – Friday to sign for the goods.

Under some circumstances a delivery may not be possible via postal services due to local postal regulations either in Australia or your destination country. In these circumstances we will arrange a freight forwarder quote and send as a separate invoice.

International Air Freight via DHL includes the delivery service but not the cost of brokering your shipment through local customs offices, and it does not include Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Services Tax (GST), and/or Import Duties (please consult your local import tax authority for details). You can calculate duty and taxes by using the duty calculator at Pitney Bowes

These taxes and duties will be collected prior to delivery and are not the responsibility of Edison Light Globes. Packages refused at the time of delivery will not be automatically refunded. In some instances we would need to pay tax to have a return take place. We reserve the right to withhold a charge for the value of goods, taxes and freight if return is arranged.

New Zealand

If you are importing into New Zealand you may need a Client Code. A client code is a unique number that identifies an importer and exporter. Client codes are only issued to New Zealand entities (such as registered New Zealand companies).  A client code is required as part of the import clearances for shipments in excess of NZ$1,000.

Currently, with shipments valued at more than NZ400 – the GST and duty is being captured on import.
If the shipment value is below NZ400 there is no GST or duty charged.
From 1 December that will change.

From 1 December 2019, the low value threshold will increase to $1,000 and in order to remove the unfair advantage that this will give to non-resident sellers over resident businesses, the NZ government will make non-resident businesses register for GST and charge GST at 15%. This applies to all sellers whose combined low value import sales sold to non-GST registered entities exceeds the registration threshold of NZ$60,000.

United Kingdom

From January 1 2021 import rules for the UK will change. Businesses in Europe will need to make customs declarations when moving goods between the UK and the EU. If European businesses have not completed the right customs processes their goods will not be able to cross the EU border.

Since we are not in the EU customs charges will continue as previously arranged.

How you will pay VAT and customs charges
Your order may be subject to VAT and other charges on arrival into your country from Australia.
• Our Parcel Delivery Service provider (DHL in most instances) delivering the order, will complete the relevant customs declarations, including where the product is manufactured. You will get a bill from your local customs authorities when the goods enter your country.
• For those customers who are not registered for VAT in their own country this bill will have to be paid before delivery can be made.
• For those customers that are registered for VAT in their own country that have a Duty Deferment Account, your customs authorities will be able to charge the duty and VAT charges to that account.

If you have an EORI number you can quote this with DHL at that time. See more info here

USA Shipping

We have recently added separate items listed as US shipped goods to the website. Look for these in the US Products link. Items listed as such will ship FedEx Ground from our facility located in Virginia USA. Shipments will not attract import tax if this method is used, and shipping cost will be greatly reduced. Where items are added to your cart that are not yet located in this warehouse, international shipping only will be the available option at checkout.


The consumer resident in Europe must be aware that the European Commission has established an online platform for alternative dispute resolutions that provides for an out-of-court method to solve any dispute related to and stemming from online sale and service contracts. As a consequence, if you are a European consumer, you can use such platform for resolving any dispute stemming from the online contract entered into with the Owner. The platform is available at the following link (http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/). The Owner is available for any questions via the email address posted under the Owner’s information in this document.

In accordance with European law we also offer a data retrieval and data destruction system. If you need a copy of our data we have for your account you may email [email protected] to retrieve or remove.

How you will pay VAT and customs charges
Your order may be subject to VAT and other charges on arrival into your country from Australia.
• Our Parcel Delivery Service provider (DHL in most instances) delivering the order, will complete the relevant customs declarations, including where the product is manufactured. You will get a bill from your local customs authorities when the goods enter your country.
• For those customers who are not registered for VAT in their own country this bill will have to be paid before delivery can be made.
• For those customers that are registered for VAT in their own country that have a Duty Deferment Account, your customs authorities will be able to charge the duty and VAT charges to that account.

As of July 1, 2021, the European Union (EU) requires sellers selling goods online with a value of 150 EUR or less to EU consumers to charge VAT. From July 1 2021 our web based system will start to charge VAT and pass this on to DHL whilst preparing shipment.


Due to German import requirements it is not always possible for us to clear customs regulations. All items require compliance marking not just on the packaging but also on the actual item inside the packaging. Since we are building decorative lighting and decorative bulbs this is not something we have designed into the products. All other country importers do not require this for customs. It seems with Fedex shipping we can upload CE certification and eventually orders will clear. Please ask if you are in doubt.


Due to Kuwaiti import requirements it is not always possible for us to clear customs regulations. There is a documentation requirement that at times makes import into Kuwait an impossible task. If we need to pay for local Chamber of Commerce documentation there will be a $100 extra fee involved.


Due to Brazilian import requirements it is not always possible for us to clear customs regulations. A Tax ID number is required when importing into Brazil from Australia. This should be entered into the TAX ID section on the checkout form.

Local Pick Up

Click and Collect from our warehouse is available between 8.30am and 6.00pm weekdays once you have been notified by email that your order is complete.
152 Cowper Street
Footscray Vic

If you require a quote as part of your tender application to supply our product where it has been specified by a designer or architect, email [email protected] including as much detail as possible.

At times the specifications lack technical detail. It is important for us to work out the requirements technically so that items quoted will be correct for the job. If we require more information it will be up to you to liaise with the designer.

We will ship to just about any location and our checkout system will quote for almost all cart items. The system may fail however if your cart has a large number of heavy items.

Most of the time errors occur due to incomplete or inaccurate billing and/or shipping address details entered on the checkout page. Please ensure all details are correctly filled out including accurate postcodes.

International customers will not be able to ship to a PO Box address due to security implications. Post codes/zip codes are required for all shipping locations for the calculations to work.

By creating an online account prior to ordering you may avoid these errors at checkout.

All orders and payment details will remain listed on the account page and will remain visible so long as you are logged in. The orders also contain tracking information for previous orders.

All orders are placed online via our webshop. Products can be added to your shopping cart. Once your order is complete you can ‘Proceed to Checkout’ where you will create an account with us. At the checkout you can choose your delivery and payment method. All orders must be paid in full before they will be processed. We do not take part payments and will not hold stock.

We try to keep our stock levels on our website as accurate as we can. When you click in to view a product you will see if it is currently in stock.  With globes it will show you the number we have in stock, everything else will tell you if it is in or out of stock.  

Where there are options that need to be selected (e.g. finish or shade type), these will need to be chosen before availability is shown.

If a product is out of stock and is a continuing range you may wish to email us so that you will be notified once it is back in stock.

When we ship anything locally, interstate or overseas we create a tracking link that is available to you listed next to the order placed online. You will need to be logged in to your online account to see this.

We also email tracking progress both from the shipper and our internal system.

Tracking progress is also sent as SMS where a mobile phone number has been provided with the order.

We have made it easy to generate an invoice for quoting purposes without actually proceeding with the order.

The easiest way for you to do this is to go directly to the web site, register for an account, (the My Account tab in the top menu will allow you to register.) Then decide which of the products best suites your needs. Make sure you are ordering the correct fitting type, E27 or B22 and the wattage required. Also bear in mind that there are quantity discounts automatically applied that will affect pricing.

Once you have finalised your selection proceed to checkout and fill in the delivery details so the system can generate a shipping quote. Then choose Pro Forma Invoice/Quote and Place Order. This will generate an invoice so that we can then check stocks and email a pdf.

If required you can generate your Purchase Order based on this quote. You may then log in to our site to make payment or arrange a Bank Transfer. We will not proceed with the order until funds have been transferred/paid in full. If you decide not to go ahead with the order we will simply delete it from our system. Quotes will be valid for 30 Days.

Edison Light Globes is a web-based manufacturer/retailer. We do offer a trade discount to reseller customers.  The following industries qualify.

  • Architects
  • Interior and Lighting Designers
  • Retailers
  • Electrical wholesalers.  

To apply for a trade discount you must register an online account with us and place all orders via our on-line store.

There is no minimum order and the trade discount is applied to discounted bulk orders as well. 

You can set up an account by registering on the ‘My Account’ Page.  Edit your billing and shipping details including your Business Name, Business Number and then email us at [email protected] with  your Username.  Once approved your login will then be converted to a trade account login for this username.

When you log into the website your discount will automatically be applied to the product prices. All orders should then be placed through the website with this login. You can also create your own quote online by adding your products to the shopping cart and then saving the order as a Proforma Invoice or Bank Transfer as payment option.

Please note any quotes provided by us over the phone or via email will not have the trade price applied.

The website ordering system can include your PO number and can supply a Pro Forma Invoice only as a quote if required.

We supply downloads for 2 dimensional drawings of our products. Globes, hardware and complete fittings have a downloads tab below product description and specifications tab.

Under this tab you can download pdf’s that contain intricate detail from a number of angles that should allow you to make allowance to our products dimensionally in your drawings.

A pdf is also available for product details as download listed at the bottom of the product page

International Air Freight includes the service and cost of brokering your shipment through local customs offices, but does not include Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Services Tax (GST), and/or Import Duties (please consult your local import tax authority for details). You can calculate duty and taxes by using the duty calculator at Freightos

These taxes and duties will be collected at the time of delivery and are not the responsibility of Edison Light Globes. Packages refused at the time of delivery will not be automatically refunded. If we incur shipping and customs charges on their return we reserve the right to deduct these charges from any refund.

From time to time we allow purchasing of items not in stock. If listed online as out of stock but backorders are enabled then we expect that the delay would not be significant.

Where there will be a delay we do not allow backordering and instead we ask that you email us for an expected delivery time.

We often have orders where small items or optional parts are out of stock. We may hold back the delivery until these items come into stock or we will part ship and send the backordered items as soon as they arrive in.

Generally we try to stock as many items as possible listed online and for some items we can list stock numbers.

For any outstanding items please contact us via the ticket system or email support quoting your invoice number.

We all know that water and electricity doesn’t mix. When your hands are wet for example, you have a far greater risk of shock. So how do you design good lighting and power into you bathroom? Here are a few things to consider before you get going on your project.

In Australia and New Zealand at least, a licenced electrician must carry out all domestic electrical installations. There are strict rules and regulations (AS/NZS3000) that must be followed, and wet areas such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens require special attention. A good electrician will be able to guide you as to what is allowed in your situation, so get them involved early in the design process. (That goes for the plumber too.) If you are using a designer then they should be aware of requirements as well.

However, it is also beneficial to have some basic understanding of the rules and regulations regarding wet areas so that you can take a more informed approach. Please note this is not a how to guide, rather we are trying to demonstrate the need for you to employ qualified professionals early when designing and choosing fittings.   


When water is in close proximity to electricity, we generally agree it’s potentially a bad situation if you are there too. When there is some distance between water and electricity we feel safer. Zones are designed to define areas with precise measurements in an effort to keep you safe. In the wiring standards AS/NZS3000 bath, shower and fixed water container section, there are four zones. Each zone has its own rules on what can and cannot be installed.  

Zone 0: Best thought of as the area that may collect water such us the shower trough, a sink or bath. 
Zone 1: Usually adjacent to Zone 0, i.e, shower walls.
Zone 2: For showers, it is the area immediately outside the shower door area. For vanities and baths, it is the area surrounding the water containment.
Zone 3: An area outside of zone 2, usually thought of as the least restrictive.  

An obvious example on the use of zones is in Zone 0, power outlets are not permitted. You do not want a power point in the base of your shower!  

Another example is lighting in Zone 0. It is permitted, but it must be designed specifically for use in a bath or shower, be low voltage and have an IPX7 (Ingress Protection) rating. Lighting in Zone 1 requires IPX4, Zone 2 requires IPX4 OR double insulated OR low voltage OR be recessed into the ceiling, and Zone 3 has no IP rating requirements.  

This is why it’s difficult to answer the question “Can I use this light fitting in my Bathroom?” without all the details of where it’s being installed. You may want a wall light either side of a mirror. The position on the left may be permitted, the same light fitting on the right side may not be permitted as it is deemed to be inside a more restrictive zone.

A good designer and/or your electrician should be able to work these issues out before you start building.   A good approach might be to draw the plan and elevations of your new bathroom and ask your electrician or designer to mark out all of the zones represented in your design. Alternatively you can mark out your bare framed bathroom with a marker or masking tape. If your electrician is not too familiar with bathroom regulations, or you feel is being over cautious, send him to standard AS/NZS 3000 section 6.2.4..  

We can retrofit a number of our standard light fittings to 12V along with low voltage globes to suit. These will comply with Zone 2 requirements. Our range of standard light fittings are generally suitable for use in Zone 3.

More details here


As with any area in which artificial lighting is used, people like to adjust the lighting level to meet their needs and create a more comfortable environment. Allowing the occupants of an area to reduce the lighting level can help reduce glare when there is excessive lighting levels. By reducing eye strain in office or school areas occupants are more comfortable and better able to focus on the task at hand, allowing for them to be more productive.

When dimming incandescent lamps, their power consumption is also reduced, producing running cost savings. Dimming an LED will not use less power however as the dimming protocol is different. A dimmed incandescent lamp also produces less heat which will help increase their operation life and protects the investment an end-user has made. LED’s do not produce the same degree of heat dimmed or otherwise.

Category: Globes

When dimmed, LED lamps may become susceptible to a temporary or permanent flickering. Care in selecting the right lighting dimmer or controller for the desired LED lamp is important so the risk of LED flickering can be reduced. Sources of LED lamp flicker can come from a range of different locations and often at the same time, for example:

  • Mains supply instability.
  • Noise on the mains supply or dimming system.
  • Dimming system not loaded sufficiently.
  • Too many or too few LED lamps are being used per lighting circuit.
  • LED driver design.
  • Dimmer level set too low.

In order to accommodate the widest range of usage and dimming problems we have included a number of technical improvements to LED driver design that we include inside the globe cap. A range of globes now in their sixth generation of electronics to provide perfect dimming with no flicker regardless of load. We call this Enhanced dimming. This advanced chip also stops LED’s from remaining slightly lit when turned of at the switch.

Whilst LED dimming is now a reasonable proposition for most lighting situations it must be understood that this dimmed appearance is just an illusion. LED’s that are supplied by an Alternating current at 50- 60 htz do turn on and off 50 or 60 times a second. This makes it appear that they are on due to the imperceptible flicker rate. However it is possible to detect this flicker with a video camera running at say 30 frames per second. It may also be possible to detect when viewing moving objects lit by LED globes. Running water from a tap looks interesting for example.

Category: Globes

We manufacture globes that cater for both bayonet and screw connections.  The code allocated to each globe refers to the connection between the globe and the light socket.  The codes beginning with an ‘E’ refer to an edison screw fitting whereby the globe screws into the light socket.  The standard fitting is an E27(E26 for North America).  The E14 (or E12 North America) is a smaller fitting generally used for lamps and chandeliers.

Codes beginning with a ‘B’ refer to bayonet fittings and are generally only found in Commonwealth countries. The B22 is the standard size, with B15 again generally used for lamps and chandeliers.

The E40 and E39 (North America) was traditionally an industrial fitting.  Our goliath range of globes fall under this category.

Please make sure when you are ordering globes and light fittings that they are compatible.

Category: Globes

Although the vast majority of our LED globes are made as dimmable, not all dimmers mechanisms will work correctly. All LED globes will require at least a Trailing Edge dimmer. Clipsal make a universal dimmer that can control a large range of bulb types. However Diginet now make a dimmer that in our testing has been the most applicable.

The Diginet MEDM  Adaptive phase dimmer is the dimmer of choice which fits standard Australian wall plates.

The Diginet MEDM Adaptive Phase Dimmer  is designed in Australia to provide optimised dimming of LED based lamps and drivers, this high quality, two-wire phase control wall plate dimmer has a minimum load rating of 2W, allowing it to adapt to a wide range of available LED drivers.

Although optimised for LED lighting loads, this dimmer also provides excellent compatibility with other common lamps types such as incandescent lamps, 12V halogen (dichroic) lamps /transformers and CFL’s.

Category: Globes

E27 is the most common type of Edison Screw base, It is often referred to as ES. The number ..27 refers to the diameter of the globe’s cap. This type of base is also compatible with Compact Fluorescent Globes and LED globes. E27 is a 240 Volt bulb, as is a standard Bayonet B22.

We also stock E14 SES 240 Volt bulbs and now E40 GES 240 Volt bulbs

Whilst we do stock 110 Volt E26 and E12 components for those countries that use that standard, not all bulb shapes are available.

E51805 mmLilliput Edison Screw (LES)
E103010 mmMiniature Edison Screw (MES)
E11120/24011 mmMini-Candelabra Edison Screw (mini-can)
E1212012 mmCandelabra Edison Screw (CES)
E1424014 mmSmall Edison Screw (SES)
E1712017 mmIntermediate Edison Screw (IES)
E2612026 mm[Medium] (one-inch) Edison Screw (ES or MES)
BA92409 mmMiniature Bayonet Cap MBC
B1524015 mmSmall Bayonet Cap SBC
E2724027 mm[Medium] Edison Screw (ES)
B2224022 mmBayonet Cap BC
E3912039 mm(Mogul) Goliath Edison Screw (GES)
E4024040 mm(Mogul) Goliath Edison Screw (GES)
Category: Globes

Phillips Dynalite system struggles with LED filament lamps due to technology gaps and the fact the system is leading edge dimming which isn’t always compatible with LED lamps.

To dim our Edison Filament LED lamps effectively without flickering you need a Dynalite DDBC120-DALI MultiMaster Dali Driver Controller with 1 dali loop and a Helvar 454 4x500W Leading/Trailing Edge Dimmer.

The Dynalite DDBC-120-DALI must be connected to the existing Dynalite System using proprietary Dynet protocol and the Helvar 454 will be connected to DDBC-120-DALI output. The process and installation in not invasive or complicated.

Category: Globes

Color temperature is a measure of the light bulb’s color when illuminated, and is measured in degrees Kelvin (K). The higher the number, the whiter and then bluer, the colour.

LED technology has come a long way since first introduced. Initially LED globes were known for having a very white light. New developments have now enabled LED globes to replicate the same warmth as traditional and vintage incandescent globes. When a warm light is required look for colour temperature of 3000K or less.

To match our range of Vintage filament style bulbs we have introduced an LED range with a 2200K color temperature. The newer LED’s also have a filament length that mimics the wire filament design of Vintage bulbs and also provides a very close approximation of the full color spectrum.

For each bulb in our catalog there is a downloadable test report for all parameters.

Category: Globes

We manufacture a range of globes with various lumen levels.  Lumen is a measure of brightness. The higher the lumen number the brighter the light.  

At Edison we specialise in ambient lighting so our globes are in the low to mid lumen range.  Our new range of vintage LED globes provide a warm, low to medium light.

Most of our fittings leave the bulb visible which suits our ambient globes.  With the bulb exposed it is important that the glare does not blind the eye.

Category: Globes

Watts are a measure of the amount of energy required to to run electrical products, whereas lumens are a measure of the amount of light produced. The more lumens in a light bulb, the brighter the light.

With a move to new energy-efficient LED technology, the number of lumens available per watt is much higher, so they produce more light whilst using less energy. In other words, a 12 Watt LED can produce as much light as a 75 Watt incandescent globe.

When you are looking at wattage, it is all about energy use. It has been drastically reduced with LED. This means you will pay less for electricity to light the same area.

Category: Globes

LED lamps have very different response to dimming than previous generations of lamps. It is important to remember that the pre-set scenes of a lighting control system will need to be adjusted if a project has upgraded to LED lamps.

LED lamps could also have a very different dimming curve to previous generation of lamps. A lighting control system will need to compensate for LED dimming site effects such as:

Dead travel this is when adjusting the dimmer channel output seems to have no relative effect to the LED lamp light output.

Popping on a LED lamp may require a minimum level before it is able to start producing light. For some lamps this might be as high as 10%-15%.

Category: Globes

Not all LED lamps are dimmable, only lamps that have been specifically designed by the manufacturer as dimmable may be dimmed. Attempting to dim a non-dimmable LED lamp or using an incompatible dimming method will result in undesirable behaviour or complete lamp failure. Dimmable lamps may only be compatible with certain dimming techniques so it is important the correct method is used.

Category: Globes

Low voltage LED strip lighting is now a widely used component in domestic and industrial lighting systems. These products have been manufactured as a roll of single LED’s mounted to adhesive tape that can be attached to an aluminium extrusion to create lighting of almost any length.

This type of lighting is used along cupboard feet, overhanging shelves, stair treads, bathrooms, and all manner of lighting components and fittings.

Essentially a driver/transformer supplies low voltage as either 12 or 24 volts from mains supply. In order to make dimmable we need to supply a driver that can allow dimming.

There are two methods to achieve dimmability for Low voltage LED strip lighting.

0-10 Volt dimmer

0-10V dimming is a dimming standard, originally developed for fluorescent dimming ballasts (updated from 1-10V). It has since been widely adopted for drivers of LED lighting. The 0-10V dimming driver receives a voltage level signal from 0 to 10VDC, via a compatible 0-10V dimming device, along two dedicated wires. The driver then controls the LED brightness level utilising pulse width modulation (PWM), which is basically switching on and off at a rate undetectable to the human eye.


  1. There are many systems currently available that control 0-10V found in modern homes, hotels, shopping centres etc.
  2. It is more efficient than traditional dimming methods.
  3. Good stable dimming can be achieved, regardless of power load.


  1. It requires two dedicated wires from the light fitting to the dimmer.
  2. It is not compatible with traditional dimmers.

TRIAC or Phase Cut Dimming

A Triac is a semiconductor device that controls current flow in an AC Circuit.
Phase cutting is the technique employed for reducing current flow to traditional lights resulting in dimming. It is compatible with traditional style mains dimmers.


  1. It can be installed into existing lighting installations that have traditional dimmers without extra wiring.
  2. No new learning curve required for electricians and installers.
  3. Can be controlled by phase cut dimmers in other control systems.


  1. It is not as efficient as 0-10V
  2. Depending on the LED power load, the dimming level may be reduced.
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All incandescent bulbs are dimmable.  All our LED globes are dimmable, however the the right dimmer needs to be used. Generally a Trailing Edge or Universal dimmer should be used for LED. We recommend a Clipsal Universal as a general starting point.

Our current update to our 240V LED bulbs give much better dimming performance across a wider range of dimmer switches. Look for bulbs that are listed including Double IC deep dimming system in the specifications tab.

Category: Globes

Our current LED’s will dim to off.

These are the dimmers we recommend.

  • Lutron Skylark C.L SCL-153PH
  • Lutron Toggler C.L TGCL-153H
  • Lutron Lumea C.L LGCL-153PHL 
Category: Globes


For a full list of cable colors available, we list as cable types with a full list of color swatches. Choose a color from the drop down to see that color.

For 240 Volt cable manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 3191:2008
Approval EESS-150127
Full list here

For 120 Volt cable UL listing: E189674 (Table of recognized style: AWM-1015)
Full list here

Category: Hardware

E27 is the most common type of Edison Screw base, It is often refereed to as just ES. The number ’27? refers to the diameter. This type of base is also compatible with Compact Fluorescent Globes and LED globes. E27 is a 240 Volt bulb as is a standard Bayonet B22.

We also stock E14 SES 240 Volt globes and now E40 GES 240 Volt globes

Whilst we do stock 120 Volt E26 and E12 components for those countries that use that standard, not all bulb shapes are available.

E51805 mmLilliput Edison Screw (LES)
E103010 mmMiniature Edison Screw (MES)
E11120/24011 mmMini-Candelabra Edison Screw (mini-can)
E1212012 mmCandelabra Edison Screw (CES)
E1424014 mmSmall Edison Screw (SES)
E1712017 mmIntermediate Edison Screw (IES)
E2612026 mm[Medium] (one-inch) Edison Screw (ES or MES)
BA92409 mmMiniature Bayonet Cap MBC
B1524015 mmSmall Bayonet Cap SBC
E2724027 mm[Medium] Edison Screw (ES)
B2224022 mmBayonet Cap BC
E3912039 mm(Mogul) Goliath Edison Screw (GES)
E4024040 mm(Mogul) Goliath Edison Screw (GES)

Category: Hardware

A ceiling rose is a decorative element affixed to the ceiling from which a chandelier or light fitting is often suspended.  It can also be referred to as a ceiling plate or canopy.   We supply a variety of ceiling roses and ceiling plates which complement our fittings.  

When ordering a complete fitting there is often an option to include a ceiling rose that works back to the fitting.  Alternatively it can be selected individually from the hardware section on our website. For Customers in Canada and USA a J-Box canopy will be required. These are either 3″ or 4″ J-Box size canopies.

Category: Hardware

At times you will need to decide if you require 3 core or 2 core cable. Basically cables are two cores ( active and neutral ) plus a third ( Earth/ground ) cable.

Where the fitting you are wiring requires an earth then three core cable is required. Brass lampholders all require an earth. Bakelite and porcelain lampholders are not conductive and so do not require an earth.

It may be that your light shade or cage make earthing mandatory. If in doubt you should consult an electrician.

We supply SAA approved cables for use in Australia and New Zealand. CE approved cables for 240 Volt applications worldwide and UL Listed cables for use in North America.

Category: Hardware

We provide two methods to attach a shade to a pendant light.  The method will depend upon the lamp holder and type of shade used.

One method of attachment is to use a gallery/fitter.  We have an extensive range of galleries listed in our hardware section on the website.

The other way is to use a shade ring.  This is a metal ring that screws onto an E27 threaded brass lamp holder or shade ring adapter for E26 brass sockets. The shade is attached and another shade rings screws onto the lamp holder to keep it in place.

More information on the anatomy of a standard type pendant is available here.

Category: Hardware

A ceiling rose/canopy is an optional feature but is recommended to give your light fitting a neat installation to plaster ceilings. Where an electrical connection to mains is above a ceiling surface then a ceiling rose/canopy must be installed so that tension is removed from that electrical connection.

For all 240 Volt countries this connection can be via standard connectors or our Wago hardware either just in a ceiling cavity loose or inside a junction box where access is possible from above after installation.

For US/Canada all mains connections via wall or ceiling require a J-Box to be fitted flush. These require a specific canopy that will then attach to the open face of the J-Box.

Category: Hardware

When building plumbing pipe lights, many people have been faced with the problem of how to seamlessly attach a lamp holder or socket to threaded plumbing pipe directly without taking the dangerous, but sadly overused option of gluing cast iron surface to plastic .

We have been able to solve the issue by manufacturing a custom component that allows us to adapt a standard light fitting thread size and type to a length of plumbing pipe thread type.

Our 0.5inch BSTP – 0.5inch BSB 26TPI Plumbing Pipe to Light Fitting Coupler comes in either steel or brass and takes away the problem of achieving a strong mechanical joint. This also allows the whole light fitting to inherit a solid earth or ground connection wired to the lamp holder. This is an important component of electrical safety and should not be overlooked. An earth connection should also be made to any ceiling connection component that is removable.

For US E26 sockets and Bakelite lamp holders with a 10mm thread we also make a 10mm to half in BSP/NPT plumbing pipe thread.

Category: Hardware

The pendant cable can be cut to your required length after the electrical connection has been allowed for however we advise that a licensed electrician performs any electrical work. When ordering your cable we recommend that you allow a little extra. Cord can always be cut shorter but can not be joined together if too short.

Since we make all lighting pendants to order you do not need to order any more cable than is required. This allows from 0.5 Meter up to 10 Meters when ordering.

Category: Hardware

We do not sell our pendants with plugs attached however you can order the plug as a separate component for a licensed electrician to attach to one of our pendants lights.

We recommend that pendants only be attached to light circuit plug tops at ceiling level.

Category: Hardware

Steel electrical conduit

We have a wide range of pendant hardware and wall light hardware that will allow direct connection to galvanised steel junction boxes for surface installation.

Below are a few examples id pendant styles. These are mostly pendants from bare bulb pendant range but all pendants that are mounted using our brass 66mm ceiling plate can attach this way.

Surface mounting for wall lights is a very similar option making use of our 66mm wall mount plate.

At Edison Light Globes we have been compiling a range of products and solutions so that you can design and specify out steel conduit systems for surface mounting all wall and ceiling pendant fittings. We have a range of examples and links to documents to assist and links to product available.

Below is a complete list of the components that can be used to create a surface mounted solution.

1 20640 Federation Switch Nickel
 50087 Switch IP66 2 Way 20mm
 50103 Terminal Junction Box Galvanised 1 Way With Rear Entry M20
 4 50113 Terminal Junction Box Galvanised M20
 5 50118 Terminal Junction Box Galvanised 2 Way 90 Deg M20
 6 50124 Terminal Junction Box Galvanised 3 Way Y M20
 7 50127 Terminal Junction Box Galvanised 3 Way Tee M20
 8 50131 Terminal Junction Box Galvanised 3 Way Y M20
 9 50135 Terminal Junction Box Galvanised 4 Way Cross M20
 10 50138 Terminal Junction Box Galvanised 2 Way Through M20
11 50141 Adjustable Conduit Joint 20mm
12 50150 Inspection Bend M20
13 50155 Inspection Plate Steel
14 50157 Inspection Elbow M20
15 50161 Inspection Plate Rubber Gasket
16 50164 Inspection Cover With Front Outlet
17 50167 Inspection Tee M20
18 50194 Hook M20
19 50194 Cord Grip M20
20 50201 Bar Saddle With Spacer
2251445Conduit M20 Custom Lengths
2352813Coupler 20mm
24TBAAdaptor – Switch To Junction Box
2557040Lamp holder E27 (ES) With Shade Ring M20 Nickel
26TBA3Goose Neck Medium 20mm

This table shows our internal SKU number and links to product online. Below is an image that shows all parts in connection. All conduit fittings are listed online here

Here is the pdf datasheets for steel conduit systems. If you are required to design and specify a conduit system for a lighting solution in steel we have a range of products and custom pipe lengths available online. In order to get accurate drawings these sheets will assist.

Full list assembly parts Conduit_Assembly_2.pdf

Sample system assemblies Conduit Assemble Samples.pdf

Dimensions for assembly Dimension assembly.pdf

The use of exposed conduit has long been a mess of grey plastic. We now offer a solution with the option to choose steel conduit systems for an authentic vintage style. Use on exposed brick or stone walls and ceilings, or as an alternative on exposed timber.