Neil Morrison’s mystery object steampunk lamp

Neil Morrison's mystery object steampunk lamp

Neil Morrison’s mystery object steampunk lamp is rewired with an 10mm threaded entry E27 brass lampholder and smoke tube bulb that fits this thick glass tube device. We think it is some sort of bowser pump fuel filter as it had a stainless filter internally. It is cast iron mostly but has cleaned up to a dead sheen. The base is a nifty cast brass piece from some other lamp.

This is a good example of the type of lamp that can inspire a production model and we will certainly look at a tube lamp design to suit this bulb in future.

Neil Morrison is a part time lamp hacker and full time Scotsman. His other work is a unique re-purposing of older industrial and domestic items like a lamp in a light level, Polaroid camera lamps and slide projector lamps. Check out Neil’s blog and let him know what you think. Niel has been working in numerous jobs: cleaner, laborer, dishwasher, cook, cow-milker, frozen pea packer, not for profit manager, builder, actor, camera operator, installer of AV systems in bowling alleys, shop fitter, prop maker… the list goes on. He studied Furniture Construction & Design in Glasgow in his early 20’s after spending a lot of time debating whether to try to get into a prosthetics and SFX course.