Globes, Hardware and Complete fittings...

Single Rod Brass lamp pendant

Complete Fittings

Bare bulb pendants, Wall lights, Glass and Metal shade pendants and Table lamps
Heavy Bronze Brass Lampholder Edison E40 fitting


Shades, Lampholders, Cloth covered cable, Ceiling plates and more. In solid brass, bakelite and porcelain

Vintage Edison and Dimmable LED globes

E27, B22, B15, E14, E40. We have a large range of decorative bulbs as filament and dimmable LED, 240Volt

Steampunk lighting style at Steamscape Exhibition.

At Post Industrial Design in Footscray in March we are showing a range of lighting components with the work of sculptor Jos Van Hulsen.


Restored pottery lamp with bakelite and Edison bulb

A Restored pottery lamp with bakelite and Edison bulb looks great with the larger Plum spiral type globe. This a metalic glaze 70’s type lamp and we fitted a switched bakelite lampholder and rewired in 3 core brown braided flex. These bulbs tend to go a gold color over time as the tungsten vaporizes on […]


Restoring an Edwardian lamp

Restoring an Edwardian lamp on Christmas Eve. Thanks Jason for sending this photo of his restoration of and Edwardian looking lamp. He has used a squirrel cage teardrop Edison style globe with a Brass ES27 fitting. Needs some sort of small shade I reckon and perhaps the original glassware shade will go back.

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