Single Rod Brass lamp pendant

USD $56.30USD $61.11

Quantity discounts available:
USD $56.30USD $53.49

Brass color

Choose a color for the brass finish

Rod Length * 

Choose the length of the rod between lampholder and ceiling plate.
Some options are single bar, some options are two bars coupled.

Ceiling rose style

Choose a style for the ceiling cover

Wire and assemble? * 

Choose here to have the pendant wired and assembled or assembled not wired.

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Single Rod Brass lamp pendant is a solid brass pipe fitted in a rage of lengths where rigid pendant is required. A complete range of configuration and length options are available for this pendant. All options provide an earth connection either internally or at the ceiling plate.

Choose a rod length and lampholder type to make up desired pendant. Lamp holders available as 240 Volt are E27 solid brass with thread and shade ring, E27 solid brass smooth, B22 standard or even B22 Switched.

Add a gallery to allow a glass or metal shade to be attached. Lamp holders will have additional shade ring added when choosing a gallery.

Ceiling plate is our standard solid brass component at 66mm diameter, 75mm or 90mm.

All come assembled ready to wire or assembled and wired as an option.