Braced Plumbing Pipe Billiard table light

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Specify a precise overall length in mm as a custom fit. Minimum 720mm * 

Custom Finish * 

Choose here an alternate finish for the plumbing pipe component

Brass hardware color

Choose a color for the brass lampholders and gallery

OPTION 120 VOLT UL type kit

120V ONLY. ie. FOR USA AND CANADA REQUIREMENTS. This does not provide a UL Listed product but provides UL compatible hardware.

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Braced Plumbing Pipe Billiard table light. This light fitting can be used to light up a range of billiard table sizes or large dining table, bar or just as a ceiling light feature. Solid Brass lamp holders are attached to this fitting. This Braced Plumbing Pipe Billiard table light features 3 large holophane style ribbed shades that are 300mm in diameter with matching galleries or a range of special steel shades that do not require a gallery. Industrial plumbing pipe design based on original farm made fittings from the 30’s we can see this being used over bars and tables. Secures to the ceiling via galvanised steel pipe and cast steel flange which is also the wiring point. Glass Shades attach via 3 1/4″ galleries. This light fitting weighs around 10 kgs when the large holophane glass is used and so a secure mount will be required in the ceiling cavity.

Similar to our Galvanised Plumbing Pipe Conservatory Light, this is a shorter more compact version with a holophane glass shade option.


Can be ordered in Galvanised, Rusted, Raw steel oil rubbed or Flat Black. The rust finish may continue to age slightly but a coating of “Penatrol” can seal in a darker rustic finish. Let us know if you want this to be done.

Where this fitting is required to be 120Volt we supply with a 4 inch J-box cover in the same material and color of the selected pipe hardware. UL listed components are used but the light fitting itself is not UL listed.

Pictured with A75 LED filament globe, not included, but any E27 bulb can be used including LEDs. With large holophane shade and a brightest LED in vintage look we recommend the 11 watt C100 pictured in gallery images. Recommended globes are listed below


This billiard table light is packed and shipped as separated components. Local and international shipping requires a certain packing girth and some items require differing methods of packaging. Glass shades are always packed separated from heavy brass items. All shades are packed detached as is any ceiling plate or single pendant upright extension component. Your electrician may only require reference to the image listed online to complete the installation. Shades should only be fixed in place once the light is fully installed.


Vintage industrial design.
Steel and cast plumbing pipe construction.
Solid brass lampholders.
Large glass Holophane and Spherical glass shades, and 310mm metal style shades.
Range of surface finishes.

Finish options:

Plumbing pipe components available in Galvanised, Rusted, Raw steel oil rubbed and Flat Black finish.

Indoor use only.
E27 240VAC (eg. AUS, UK, NZ) or E26 120VAC (eg. US, CA).
Integral earth wire.
Secures to the ceiling via a cast flange.
Globes 60W Max.
Globes not included.

Height: Configurable by customer min 720mm.
Width: 1320mm not including shades.
Shades: 300mmD

Recommended globes for this product…