Low Voltage G45 Colored LED Commercial Festoon Kit 50cm intervals

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Kits ordered are supplied as one piece, ie Add to cart "X" x 1.0 meter you get a single "X" meter length. Up to 100 Meters, includes globes and driver.

Add low voltage tail cable * 

This cable can be used to separate the supply and LED driver away from the festoon string

Kit type * 

We can supply as a plug in solution or leave as a kit for your electrician to install. To make as dimmable it is advisable to have an electrician install wired to mains and a separate switch and dimmer.

G45 Globe color option * 

Choose here a globe color option for the set required

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Low Voltage G45 Colored LED Commercial Festoon Kit 50cm intervals. These are high quality, heavy duty cable and E27 lamp holders in one continuous length to your exact requirement for permanent commercial or domestic applications, including outdoor situations. Where public safety is required by law or for insurance purposes, these low voltage systems are the best solution. This spacing represents the most common at 50 cm and will work well for most outdoor verandah beer garden type applications where the strings are about 1.0 Meters above pedestrian traffic. Maximum festoon length with these globes is 100 meters.

Supplied with plastic 0.5 Watt G45 fancy round LED bulbs in various colours that will create that old fashioned party festoon look for weddings and public display. They are 45mm diameter and sealed to good water resistance. They can be used to outline buildings and external features. Because they are powered by a high quality LED driver, the LED bulb life is improved considerably. Choose from a plugin solution or as an electrician install-able kit. The colors available are mixed or your choice from white, red, yellow, green, and blue. All are an opaque material so no LED component is visible.

Drivers and kits

This festoon comes with a driver that is rated IP67 for outdoor use.

Choose an optional low voltage tail (up to 10 meters) to safely increase the distance from the power source to the first lamp. This is recommended rather than using a mains connected extension lead to the driver. The mains powered driver is available in your country plug compatible versions as 240 Volt or 120 Volt.

Available as a kit so that your electrician can trim cables to exact install lengths as a hardwired solution.

Kit includes



Rated Input Voltage: 240VAC (eg. AUS, UK, NZ) or E26 120VAC (eg. US, CA)
Rated Output Voltage: 24VDC (SELV).
Bulbs: 24VDC 0.5W 45mm polycarbonate LED.
Lamp holder: Moulded E27 with weatherproof silicon rubber ring.
Lamp holder Interval: 50cm.
Cable: Double insulated, H05RNH2 – 2 x 1.5mm2.
Cable Dimensions: 13mm x 5mm.
Maximum Festoon Length not including tails: 100m (200 Globes).
Ingress Protection: Lamp holders -IP44. LV Driver – IP67.
LV Driver: CE, RCM, ROHS.
LED Bulbs: C-Tick

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