300mm opal glass schoolhouse brass fixed rod light

AUD $540.00

Weight: 4.5kg

Pendant Drop length *

Choose the length of the pendant between bottom of this shade and ceiling surface. This is heavy duty 5/8″ brass.
Some options are single bar, some options are two or 3 bars using a decorative coupler to join lengths.

Ceiling rose style *

Choose a style for the ceiling rose. Both are suitable for any country installation including US, Canada J-Box installation

Country Voltage *

Choose to make as 120V for USA Canada requirement. This does not provide a UL Listed product but provides UL compatible hardware.

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

300mm opal glass schoolhouse brass fixed rod light is a solid brass pipe fitted in a range of lengths where a rigid pendant is required. A complete range of configuration and length options are available for this pendant. All options provide an earth connection either internally or at the ceiling plate.

The 300mm wide opal glass is a 1930’s Art Deco reproduction of a hand blown opal glass made to vintage authentic proportions at 190mm high and around 300mm diameter. This makes it a great option when trying to fill a large ceiling space in an industrial themed bar or restaurant. This size glass shade would be perfect in a stairwell where the opal glass will provide a softness of light. Glass is neutral opal color but here shows a warm color from the 2700K globe.

Choose a rod length to make up desired pendant. Lamp holders supplied are 240 Volt are E27 solid brass with thread and shade ring. A special Art Deco styled 6″ gallery is fitted to the lamp holder so that the glass can be easily removed for globe replacement or cleaning.

Ceiling plate is our standard solid brass component at 114mm diameter. Also available as solid cast heavy duty rose. For 120 Volt E26 product these are suitable J-Box cover plates.

All come assembled and wired ready to install. Rod lengths may arrive unscrewed for shipping purposes.

Globe is not included but this light should perhaps be fitted with a fairly bright globe up to 125mm diameter.

Recommended globes are listed below.


Indoor use only.
E27 240VAC (eg. AUS, UK, NZ) or E26 120VAC (eg. US, CA).
Integral earth wire.
Globes 60W Max.
Globes not included.
Ceiling plate is from two options 114mm.
All come assembled and wired
Glass diameter: 300mm
Glass height: 190mm
Pendant Length minimum:


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