Alabaster 200mm disc shade pendant

AUD $240.00

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Choose here to add a ceiling rose to match hardware and also make 240V or 120 Volt FOR USA AND CANADA REQUIREMENTS. This does not provide a UL Listed product but provides UL Listed hardware.

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Alabaster 200mm disc shade pendant shown here with brass cordgrip E27 lamp holder available in four different hardware colors. This is a solid natural alabaster disc hand formed at a thickness of around 10mm. This uses two shade rings secured to the brass lamp holder to carry the weight.

Alabaster is mostly a fine-grained calcite mineral with light banding like marble but it is translucent. Often used to make carved statues and ornaments, it is used here as a thin plate that allows light to pass through. The actual color variation is random when we ship and so you should expect some color and pattern variation. If you are not happy with the color you can always return for a replacement.

The brass lamp holder fitting , 24O V, 4A with solid brass body, ceramic terminal insert. Cord Grip mechanism insures that cable can not be pulled out of the fitting. Earthed system means fitting can be connected to metal components like a shade ring or wire. Earthed system that requires 3 core flex and needs to be wired with earth for use a a ceiling pendant light fitting.

The bulb in the image is a G80 LED spiral, but virtually any E27 bulb will work. Images for other globe size and style below main image to show scale.

Globes and options

Bulb not included, choose from our range of E27 light globes.
Recommended bulbs are listed below
Optional Ceiling rose in matching plated brass color

1.5 m Braided double insulated 3 core Cable
E27 lamp holder
Alabaster disc shade
200mm diameter

Recommended 240 Volt globes for this product…