AGEE Insulator CD 490 Purple SES pendant light

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Product Description

AGEE Insulator CD 490 Purple SES pendant light is an upcycled Australia made cable insulator having a wired in E14 lampholder and nickel plate brass cordgrip mechanism.

This is a domestic cable insulator found in Victoria and has the makers mark AGEE. The purple colored glass is the result of ultraviolet light making impurities in the glass change color over time.

Australian Crystal Glass Limited was established in 1915 in Wyndham Street, Alexandria, NSW, making pressed and hand blown glass. By 1917 hand blowing had ceased and only pressed continued. From 1922 to April 1926 the company became ‘Crystal Glass Ltd’ making items such as the famous glass fruit juicer, and then in 1926 they amalgamated with Australian Glass Manufacturer’s – Crown Glass Works and became known as The Crown Crystal Glass Works Co. Ltd (ref. M. Graham, Australian Glass of the 19th and early 20th Century, p.88). By 1932 The Crown Crystal Glass Co Ltd, was based at Waterloo, and their Trademark resembled that of a ‘map of Australia’. The Crown Crystal Glass Company merged with the American company Corning in the 1972, to become Crown Corning.
Australian Glass Manufacturers Co Ltd (1922 – 1939) registered in Victoria in 1922. The company changed it’s name to Australian Consolidated Industries Ltd, in 1939, to reflect diversification into building products The purple glass of this insulator is reasonably common but we only have light purple in stock at present.

Wired with 3 core cable in braid and a brass plated E14 lampholder with plated brass cord grip mechanism, the bulb fits just inside the glass.
For 120Volt use we use an E12 Bakelite socket, wiring and 4″ J-Box cover. Components are UL Listed but the whole pendant is not.

Most E14 bulbs will fit this lamp and any combination of cable color cord grip color is also an option.
Bulb is not included. Recommended bulbs are listed below.

Height 150mm (including cordgrip and bulb)
Width 115mm
E14 240Volt wiring and lampholder
Comes with 1.5M 3 Core braided Flex and optional rose

Recommended 240 Volt globes for this product…