Glass insulator E14 DIY pendant light kit


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Warranty: 1 Year

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120 Volt E12 version

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Product Description

Glass insulator E14 DIY pendant light kit provides special 10mm” allthread  with 10mm to 1/2″ coupler and cordgrip mechanism for insulator lamp conversion. This kit provides all the nesesary components to make a pendant light from your glass insulator. It is a 240 Volt E14 lampholder solution because most insulators have quite a narrow diameter internally. The E14 lampholder is a metal case ceramic threaded and ceramic terminal with a diameter of just 28mm allowing it to fit internally. E14 bulbs are widely available from 15W to around 40W at different sizes and shapes from most outlets. We also supply Edison style filament E14 bulb for that candle light effect.

10mm to 1/2″ conversion coupler for adapting cordgrip component.
1/2″ Cordgrip component
50mm long allthread tube
E14 Lampholder
1.5 M 3 core braided cable in your color choice