Russian Fluted Insulator E27 pendant

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Russian Fluted Insulator E27 pendant is an upcycled power cable insulator made in China for Russian power grid having a wired in E27 lamp holder and cordgrip mechanism.

This is a high tension cable insulator normally used on very tall power grid towers. These insulators weigh in at around 1.4 kilo so they are expensive to ship. They can be supplied with a chain mount in addition to a top hook for ceiling mount. Due to the fact that these insulators are still in manufacture they are able to be sourced with some confidence.

Wired with 3 core cable in braid and an E27 brass lamp holder with cord grip mechanism, the bulb sits just inside the glass. Any E27 bulb including newer LED’s will fit this lamp and any combination of cable color cord grip color is also an option.
Recommended bulbs listed below.

Comes with 1.5M 3 Core braided Flex by default.

When selected as 120Volt version the pendant will be manufactured using¬† UL Listed E26 Brass socket and cable, and a 4″ J-Box canopy can be supplied

Height 180mm (including cordgrip and bulb)
Width 160mm
E27 240Volt wiring and lampholder

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