Russian Insulator CD 638 240V E27 Pendant Light

AUD $218.18

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Russian Insulator CD 638 240V E27 Pendant Light. This is an upcycled Chinese-made power cable insulator wired with an E27 lamp holder and chain hook.

Russian Insulator CD 638 240V E27 Pendant Light is made with a high tension cable insulator that was used in western Russia by the LVIV INSULATOR PLANT which started in 1965. These insulators weigh around 1 kilo so require a chain and ceiling hook for hanging.

Any E27 bulb will fit this lamp and any combination of cable colour and hardware is optional.
Recommended bulbs listed below.

Comes with 1.5M 3 Core braided Flex by default.

When selected as 120Volt version the pendant will be manufactured using  UL Listed E26 Brass socket and cable, and a 4″ J-Box canopy can be supplied



Height 182mm (including cordgrip and bulb)
Width 158mm
E27 240Volt wiring and lampholder
Comes with 2.0M 3 Core braided Flex. 2.0 M Antiqued chain and optional rose/plug
Bulb sold separately.

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