560mm Steel Club&Round Mesh Shade

AUD $445.00AUD $515.00

Weight: 1.4kg

Cable Color *

Choose your preference for Cable color/type (120 Volt option swatch list here.)

Black braided AUD $0.00 Brown braided AUD $0.00 Cypress Green braided AUD $0.00 Gold braided AUD $0.00 Celtic Gold braided AUD $0.00 Old Gold braided AUD $0.00 Havanah Gold braided AUD $0.00 Burgundy braided AUD $0.00 Poppy Red braided AUD $0.00 Blue braided AUD $0.00 Light Blue braided AUD $0.00 Silver Grey braided AUD $0.00 Kahki braided AUD $0.00 White braided AUD $0.00 Elephant Grey Braided AUD $0.00 Tisane Braided AUD $0.00 Apple Braided AUD $0.00 Rose Pink Braided AUD $0.00 Canvas Braided AUD $0.00 Sand Jeans Zig Zag Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Baby Pink Braided AUD $0.00 Black and White Zig Zag Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Red White Zig Zag Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Red Blue Zig Zag Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Blue Green Zig Zag Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Yellow and White Zig Zag Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Blue and White Zig Zag Pulley cable AUD $0.00 Black White Houndstooth Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Black Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Poppy Red Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Brown Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Khaki Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 White Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Yellow Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Orange Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Royal Blue Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Blue Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Light Blue Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Canvas Pulley cable AUD $0.00 Grey Canvas Pulley cable AUD $0.00 Brown Canvas Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Jute Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Burgundy Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Cypress Green Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Dark Green Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Old Gold Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Havanna Gold Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Hot Pink Pulley cable AUD $0.00 Rose Pink Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Baby Pink Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Tisane Pulley Cable AUD $0.00 Black and Whiskey Pulley Cable AUD $0.00

Cable Length *

Choose here a cable length required for the pendant drop from the ceiling

Pendant Style *

Choose here a bare bulb pendant style that will be wired to hang inside this shade. Image shows lamp holder color

E27 Bakelite AUD $0.00 E27 Nickel plated brass +AUD $25.00 E27 Antique brass +AUD $25.00 E27 New brass +AUD $25.00 E27 Bronze brass +AUD $25.00

Ceiling hook *

Choose to add a ceiling rose hook here

No ceiling hook AUD $0.00 Cast iron raw +AUD $60.00 Cast aluminium +AUD $88.00 Cast iron rusty +AUD $88.00 Cast iron black +AUD $88.00 Polished brass +AUD $99.00

Choose Country Voltage and hardware option

Choose here to make 240V or 120 Volt FOR USA AND CANADA REQUIREMENTS. This does not provide a UL Listed product but provides UL Listed hardware.

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

560mm Steel Club&Round Mesh Shade. This 21 inch handmade pendant shade shows off the warm colour of the Edison bulb. The shade can be finished Powder coat chrome, rusted and sealed, brass transparent powder coat or Black Crackle powder coat.
This shade comes with a bare lamp holder pendant so choose a pendant style from the dropdown. More information can be found on our list of bare bulb pendants. Any pendant will work with this shade and we have listed a range from the E27 Bakelite up to E27 brass of various color. This shade is supplied with connected chains that will require a hook style ceiling plate. We have listed with a few options, but you can also order without. The pendant cable may be wired via the ceiling plate or can be wired separately. We suggest running the pendant wire through the center chain connection.

Photographed is a G125 8 Watt LED E27 bulb. Also a great solution for High Lumen output G125 LED in situations where a lot of light is required.

Bulb not included, choose from our range of E27 light globes. Recommended bulbs are listed below

Optional Ceiling rose in brass and cast iron or aluminium with colour variation select-able when ordering.



Indoor use only.
Shade Type: Steel club and round mesh.
Pendant not included.

Diameter: 560mm
Height: 300mm

Recommended 240 Volt globes for this product…