Outdoor Galvanised Plumbing Pipe Short Table Light

USD $453.41

Specify a precise overall length as a custom fit in mm. Minimum 465mm.

Custom Finish * 

Choose here an alternate surface finish to default galvanised

Shade Color * 

Cage color

Choose a cage color to match or contrast

Choose Country Voltage and hardware option

Choose here to make 240V or 120 Volt FOR USA AND CANADA REQUIREMENTS. This does not provide a UL Listed product but provides UL compatible hardware.

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Outdoor Galvanised Plumbing Pipe Short Table Light. This light fitting can be used to light up a table or bar or just as a ceiling light feature. Solid Brass lampholders are attached to this fitting. Features two “Steel Hat” style shades that are 70mm tall and 190mm in diameter. They have been designed as IP56, rated for outdoor use. Special glass enclosures with surrounding cast aluminum or brass protection cages makes this impervious to water spray at any angle and also secures from foreign objects. Requires silicone sealant behind ceiling mount when installing.. Very industrial in design we can see this being used over shorter bars and tables in outdoor patio beer garden type situations.  Secures to the ceiling via galvanised steel pipe and flange plate which is also the wiring point. Light shade finish is an option from antique steel, galvanised, rustic or dark green painted finish. For outdoor use, this shade may age over time, for longer lasting finish in persistent wet areas we recommend the galvanised finish.

Can be ordered in Galvanised, Rusted, Raw steel oil rubbed or Flat Black. The Rust finish may continue to age slightly but a coating of “Penatrol” can seal in a darker rustic finish. Also match or contrast with an aluminium or brass cage.

Bulb not included, choose from our range of E27 light globes.
Recommended bulbs are listed below

Matching wall light available also.

Vintage industrial design.
Steel and cast plumbing pipe construction.
Mounting flange compatible with 4 inch junction boxes.
Solid brass lampholders.
Solid brass or aluminium cage.
Steel shades.
Overall height specifiable to order.
Range of surface finishes.

Finish options:
Plumbing pipe components available in Raw black steel, Galvanised, Rusted, Brass painted, and Flat black finish.
Steel shades available in Galvanised, Antique Steel, Rustic Steel, Matt black and Dark Green.
Cage available in polished brass and polished aluminium.

Indoor or outdoor use.
Outdoor use as IP56 with silicone installed canopy.
E27 240VAC (eg. AUS, UK, NZ) or E26 120VAC (eg. US, CA).
Integral earth wire.
Secures to the ceiling via cast flanges.
Globes 25W Max.
Globes not included.

Height: Configurable overall. (Minimum 465mm)
Width: 710mm.
Shades: 70mmH x 190mmD.



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