Galvanised G125 Bulb Cage Pendant

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Warranty: 1 Year

Cable Color * 

Choose your preference for Cable color/type (120 Volt option swatch list here.)

Cable Length

Choose here a cable length required for the pendant drop from the ceiling

Cage color * 

Choose and alternate black cage color

Brass hardware * 

Choose your preferred brass plating color for lamp holder and ceiling rose

Ceiling Rose * 

Choose to have a chain hook rather than cordgrip type lampholder

Hook top type conversion

Choose to have a chain hook rather than cordgrip type lampholder

Country Voltage

Choose to make as 120V for USA Canada requirement. This does not provide a UL Listed product but provides UL compatible hardware including, if ceiling rose is ordered, a J-Box cover.

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Product Description

Galvanised G125 Bulb Cage Pendant designed for larger 125mm bulb protection with an industrial feel. Galvanised G125 Bulb Cage E27 brass pendant with an optional  brass cord grip ceiling rose. This Edison screw ES27 lamp holder that has 1.5 metre 3-core earthed braided cloth cable of your color choice. The cage component is galvanised steel.

Comes assembled and complete with brass ceiling rose cord holder if required. The complete unit is an earthed device making it as safe as possible and also includes an E27 Edison type lamp holder section that once assembled is very difficult to unscrew. This means the unit will not come unscrewed whilst changing bulbs. The threaded section is plastic and the connector insulator is ceramic and the active terminal is hidden in such a way that it is extremely hard to accidentally touch when changing the bulb. With this fitting assembled it is possible to change the bulb without removing the cage. There is a hole at the base of the cage that allow it to exit. Remember to make sure lamp is switched off when changing bulb however.

The Victorian industrial nature of this lamp holder fitting combines with the Edison Style light bulb to give a candle light type color with a traditional look, suited to warehouse type apartment living. With its hand-blown style and warm amber glow, an Edison tube light bulb exudes a rustic charm like no other globe.

Comes without bulb. Choose from any standard E27 bulb or one of our 125mm round bulbs.

This fitting can be made as 120V E26 also. This will not be UL Listed but will be made from UL Listed components.

Diameter 160mm
Height 250mm
Constructed of heavy-gauge steel.



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