1570 mm Vintage glass explosion proof cast aluminium light

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

1570 mm Vintage glass explosion proof cast aluminium light is a restored and polished ship light previously employed in ships’ engine rooms, cargo decks and similar areas. This 1570 mm Vintage glass explosion proof cast aluminium light was designed to allow efficient lighting on LNG or LPG carriers and chemical container ships where explosion proof lighting is essential. Built in the 1980’s, these light fittings are extremely heavy duty weighing around 16kg each.

They are ridiculously over engineered for the purpose we now see them being used for, but they are an industrial style that we think would work well in an industrial themed cafe or bar. Incorporating a 130mm diameter glass containment tube, they may also provide lighting for food preparation areas i.e., shatterproof.

These larger light fittings have an internal shade that we polish as raw steel. When trying to maximise output the curved shade can increase the directional output towards the floor.

These lights have been stripped of their original paint and then polished to a degree, but not to a “perfect surface”. We clean them up as best we can, but they will show signs of wear consistent with their age. The original vapor containment system and ballast for the fluorescent tubes are removed and then retro fitted with a low voltage LED strip light. We offer a range of low voltage options that include differing types of dimming solutions.

Wiring and globes

The driver is installed in a ceiling space, or can be ceiling surface mounted. These can be a regular non-dimming driver, DALI dimmable driver or a 0-10V dimmable driver. All new wiring is completed ready to be installed by your electrician. All wiring in the unit is ELV 12V or 24V. We supply chain suspension where these are used as a pendant below a ceiling. However, you may prefer a hard mounting to a ceiling or even as a wall mount vertically. To replace the LED component the fitting must be disassembled using the 3 long bolts.

A 4 meter length of 2 core flex cable in black braid is also supplied as standard.

Please note these light fittings are refurbished and no longer qualify as vapor or explosion proof. They are not suitable for hazardous applications.

Indoor use only.
240VAC (eg. AUS, UK, NZ) or E26 120VAC (eg. US, CA).
LED Strip:
12V – SMD3528-180-12V Warm White or Natural White – 4300lm – (80W)
24V – SMD2216-280-24V Warm White or Natural White – 6500lm – (100W)
Dimmable: Yes. 0-10V, 10VPWM(100Hz-3KHz), C-Bus(0-10V), DALI
Standard Drivers:
12V – VHO-150-012
24V – VHO-150-024

0-10V + 10V PWM (100Hz – 3KHz) Dimmable Drivers:
12V – PWM-120-12
24V – PWM-120-24

DALI Dimmable Drivers:
12V – PWM-120-12DA
24V – PWM-120-24DA

Length: 1570mm
Width: 160mm
Height: 160mm
Weight: 16kgs