Flame proof cast aluminium vintage flouro tube light

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Product Description

Flame proof cast aluminium vintage flouro tube light is a restored and polished Daeyang ship light previously employed in ships’ engine rooms, cargo decks and similar areas. Flame proof cast aluminium vintage flouro tube light were designed to allow efficient lighting on LNG or LPG carriers and chemical container ships where explosion proof lighting is essential. Built in the 1970’s, these light fittings are extremely heavy duty weighing around 15kg each.

They are ridiculously over engineered for the purpose we now see them being used for, but they are an industrial style that we think would look fantastic over a coffee machine or bain-marie. Incorporating a thick glass containment around the tubes, they may also provide lighting for food preparation areas i.e., shatterproof.

The original vapor containment system and ballast for the fluorescent tubes are removed and then retro fitted with low voltage LED strip light.

These lights have been stripped of their original light green paint and then polished to a degree, but not to a “perfect surface”. We clean them up as best we can, but they will show signs of wear consistent with their age. The original vapor containment system and ballast for the fluorescent tubes are removed  and then retro fitted with LED tubes or strip and all new wiring ready to be installed by your electrician. We can also supply chain or stainless steel cable suspension. However, you may prefer to supply your own solution including hard mounting to a ceiling. A range of aluminium ceiling hooks are also available.

Wiring is installed in accordance with AN/NZS60598.2.1:2014 wiring code. The two polished reflectors are removable should you wish to direct light in a wider direction. They will require wiring from the connection system internally to the source, be it via a ceiling junction or plug. A 4 meter length of 3 core flex cable in black braid and a 3 pin plug is also supplied as standard but you may also use our braided cable in various colours. Choose here a length of cable to suit.

Choose between 240V and 120V to suit your Country voltage. Note that for 120V applications, UL listed components are used but the light fitting itself is not UL listed.

Please note these light fittings are refurbished and no longer qualify as vapor or explosion proof. They are not suitable for hazardous applications.

Indoor use only.
240VAC (eg. AUS, UK, NZ) or 120VAC (eg. US, CA).
Globes: 2 x T8 60cm Type A LED 3000k “warm white” 900lm 9W Max.
Dimmable: No
Globes included.

Length: 720mm
Width: 320mm
Height: 270mm
Weight: 15kgs