Club and round steel mesh table lamp

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Product Description

Club and round steel mesh table lamp switched with black 3 pin plug and cloth cable. This new design that uses a specially constructed and finished club and round pattern steel mesh in combination with our own turned Acetal base. A pattern effect illuminates around the base when used with our LED vintage bulbs. The club and round mesh comes in a Black crinkle finish or a rusted sealed finish. This material and finish are reminiscent of small machine parts used for venting heat and protection from heated tubes and pipe.

The base is turned acetal and all fittings are solid brass with a bronze plating to protect the surface from tarnishing. The 3 core cable comes in a range of colors and you may select an option color when you order. The lampholder is our E27 240V threaded entry and comes with one shade nut. Locking mechanism means the body cannot be unscrewed accidentally when changing the bulb.

The lamp comes with a black inline switch and 3 pin plug. You can of course use any of our E27 240V bulbs that fit the steel tube as well or choose any E27 bulb such as Compact Flourecent or LED. Photographed here with a warm vintage LED GLS sized bulb. Would suit bedside tables or have as a decorative table lamp for a side table.

Globe is not included. Recommended globes are listed below.

Height 238mm
Width 147mm

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