Vintage Brass Steampunk Banker Table Lamp

AUD $480.00

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Product Description

Vintage Brass Steampunk Banker Table Lamp, with inline switch3 pin plug and braided cloth cable. This Vintage Brass Steampunk Banker Table Lamp design is made to order in our workshop as a steampunk themed bankers table lamp featuring our custom short tube cage and cast base.

This lamp would perfectly suit an office desk, concierge desk, or as a decorative piece for a side table. An adjustable brass shade is also available as an option. The brass shade can be swiveled so that light can be directed down or across a table. There are a range of bulbs that will fit this lamp that we can include. From steampunk spiral vintage to less warm LED styles. Choose a bulb from the dropdown or choose no bulb and supply your own from another source. When choosing E26 120V version it may be best to supply your own 185mm tube bulb. We have a limited range as 120V

The base is cast aluminium and all fittings are solid brass, finished in an antique style of your choice. The braided cable is also available in a range of colours. The lampholder is our E27 240V threaded entry.  An E26 socket is also available. Wing nut brackets make changing the bulb a very simple process should the need arise. Refer to the Downloads tab for bulb replacement instructions.

Choose between E27 for 240V requirements, and E26 for 120V requirements.

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3D Augmented Banker Lamp
Antique Brass Steampunk Desk lamp

Indoor use only.
E27 240VAC (eg. AUS, UK, NZ) or E26 120VAC (eg. US, CA).
Globe Type: Tube, T30 x 185mm.
Globes 40W Max.

Width: 315mm
Height: 365mm
Depth: 290mm