Vintage clear glass flicker flame bulb 120 Volt

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Product Description

Vintage clear glass flicker flame bulb A70. This lamp is a functional, vintage filament bulb that creates a candle type flicker to add atmosphere to a room. This bulb works with all types of dimmers and all E27 lampholders. Originally designed for chandeliers and wall lights for decorative purposes it can be used in multiple bulb fixtures of any king to great effect. The single looped filament moves as a function of the AC current so that in being tossed around the visible filament appears to look like a flame. This bulb would work in any type of fitting but be aware that it is only going to provide 35 lumen and so do not expect this bulb to supply any more than candle light.

Can be used to great effect in our Gas Light wall lamp or in an outdoor fixed vintage ships light. Where multiple bulbs are used they should flicker at the same rate.

Vintage filament tungsten round globe in clear glass.

This is a 120V bulb that will require a transformer if used in 240 volt systems



Input Voltage: 120VAC
Rated Lamp Wattage: 15W
Luminous Flux: 35lm
Life to 50% Failure: 1,000hrs
Dimmable: No
Colour Temperature: Very warm 2000K
Colour Rendition Index : 100Ra
Glass Type: Clear
Beam Angle: 360º
Base Type: Edison Screw E27, ES
Bulb Shape: G45
Height Overall: 110mm
Diameter: 70mm
Warranty: 1 years domestic, 3 Months commercial.