3 Watt Vintage LED Clear Round bulb

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Warranty: 2 Years

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Product Description

3 Watt Vintage LED Clear Round bulb, this new form LED (Light-emitting diode) approaches as close as possible the look of a Vintage type filament bulb with modern high efficiency LED technology. A very warm color temp of 2200K ensures a vintage filament type color.  This is the newest style LED and so these are in fact first run production models. We will replace or refund any that fail but we would like your opinion in the process. They are quite solid construction with wire bars holding the two rows of circular set LED’s in sprung fashion. Produces as much light as a standard 25W incandescent bulb. As these are early production they are not yet available as dimmable nor are they available in 120V.

The shaped glass is exactly like a traditional standard round and fits regular light fittings with good representation of colors. Therefore the bulb is fantastic for atmospheric lighting, in a multi-bulb pendant light, as well as discreet lighting.

Unlike other types of lights, LED’s do not emit UV rays making them safer for long term exposure to people and less attractive to insects.

  • Incandescent & halogen lights waste more than 80% of the energy used by generating excess heat.
  • LED’s generate far less heat which is why they are so efficient.
  • Less heat also means less risk of fire due to overheating of ceiling insulation material.
  • LED Lights use 80% less power than conventional incandescent or halogen lights and 50% less than compact fluorescent.
  • The power saving from an LED light will usually pay for itself in less than 2 years.

LED Straw Hat style globe in clear glass
240 Volts
3 Watts
Not Dimmable
5,000 average hours
Output 200 Lumen
2400K warm color
Standard B22
Diameter: 60 mm
Height: 105 mm