Bronze Switched Lampholder Bayonet B22 fitting

Bronze Switched Lampholder Bayonet B22 fitting


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Product Description

Bronze Switched Lampholder Bayonet B22 fitting, 24O V, 4A with bronze plated brass body, ceramic terminal insert. For use as a switched Pendant Lampholder please choose Cord Grip mechanism option as it insures that cable can not be pulled out of the fitting. Earthed system means fitting can be connected to metal components like a shade ring or wire.

The Safer Switch offers the consumer an extra level of safety previously unavailable in this type of lampholder. A simple yet reliable patented innovation ensures that the switch returns and remains in the off position whenever the bulb is removed. This represents a significant advance in luminaire safety and is fully certified to BS7895:1997 Enhanced Safety Lampholder standard.


Made to fit Standard and Table lamps


Internally Earthed system that requires 3 core flex and needs to be wired with earth for use.
Lampholder has a diameter of 32mm and height of 60mm.
Comes with standard 1.5 inch long allthread and 1/2″ hex nut or Cord Grip conversion
Complete with screw adjust shade nut.