Pulley Cord 3 Core Fabric Covered Flex patterned


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Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Pulley Cord 3 Core Fabric Covered Flex patterned is a round, braided flex, suitable for  wiring with active, neutral and ground wires so it can be used to earth metal light fittings. It is suited to many applications, including pendant lamps, table top lamps, floor lamps, fans and small appliances. This list is the two color patterns and texture style cables only.

Lengths ordered are supplied in a continuous piece. For example, order 6 x 1m and you are supplied with a single 6m length (up to 100m).

To AS/NZS 60227.5:2003 +A1, Harmonised H03VVH2-F

Applications: Primarily for mains voltage rise and fall pendants. It is flexible, light and pliable. The Rayon braid is abrasion resistant and durable through pulley systems.

Operating temperature: +70°C maximum outer insulation temperature.
Operating Voltage: 300V
Current Rating: 6A
Cores: 3
Cross Sectional Area: 0.75mm²
Stranding: Copper, 24/0.2
Insulation: Double insulated PVC/PVC.
Insulation Colours: blue, brown, green/yellow
Braiding Material: Rayon
Average Diameter: 6.1mm
Static suspension load: 2.5kgs Max.
To AS/NZS 60227.5:2003 +A1, Harmonised H03VVH2-F (SAA130527EA)