Bakelite and bronze batten holder Edison E14

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Bakelite and bronze Batten holder Edison E14 fitting, 24O V,  SES with plastic insert and insulated thread and screw terminals. Locking mechanism means the body cannot be unscrewed accidentally when changing the bulb.

Ideal for small decorative surface mount lamps. Allthread with nut attached to bronze plated brass plate. Can be used to mount to ceilings or walls.  Combine with our E14 small lamps to create a decorative multi bulb effect. Includes two bronze colored screws for surface attachment and earth tab for connection to earth inside the wall/ceiling mount plate.

These are supplied as batten fix so connection direct to mains can be made.

24O Volt
Mount plate diameter 66mm
Length 68mm (inc cordgrip)
Diameter 27mm