Black Side Entry Porcelain E27 pendant lamp holder

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Product Description

Black Side Entry Porcelain E27 pendant lamp holder is a rewire-able Edison type lamp holder. The threaded section is aluminum and the connector insulator is ceramic and the active terminal is hidden in such a way that it is extremely hard to accidentally touch when there is no light globe in place. Threaded base “locks” into place so that accidental unscrewing of the lamp holder base is prohibited. These lamp holders have an entry at either side but they will most likely only be used with a single side entry.

The contemporary nature of this lamp holder fitting combines with the Edison Style light bulb to give a candle light type color with a modern look, suited to warehouse type apartment living. With its hand-blown style and warm amber glow, an Edison light bulb exudes a rustic charm like no other globe.

Fitted with fixed steel ring for connection to steel cable, light chain or other suitable hanging material. Cable is threaded through the side entry and can be left to loop for effect.


Diameter: 47mm
Height: 70mm
4A 250V
SAA certificate no: SAA-161024-EA