Brass hook E27 festoon lamp holder

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Brass hook E27 festoon lamp holder is a rewire-able Edison type lamp holder. Internally this New Brass threaded entry Smooth Lamp holder Edison E27 features a quality ceramic insert and brass screw terminals. This precision made solid brass E27 lamp holder features a high quality ceramic insert with brass screw terminals.

Shade nuts are employed to hold a gallery or in some instances, a shade directly to the lamp holder. Where shade nuts are required to connect a galley or light shade, select two from the dropdown available. Our smooth variations of the brass E27 lamp holders do not have this feature.

This lamp holder must be earthed and uses an anti rotation mechanism to ensure that the body can not be open when changing the bulb. Before applying power. after wiring and reassembly, test the anti-rotation feature. If it fails to lock, remove the lamp holder body and bulb receptacle and gently open the anti-rotation mechanism over to a more aggressive position.

Earth location

In order to provide an earth in this instance we have included components to attach inside the hook at the top of the lamp holder. Wiring diagram is included and downloadable from “downloads” tab.

Our brass lamp holders are compliant to AS/NZ standards and hold a Certificate of Approval (RCM) and CE for European markets.

Disassembly instructions

Locate the active terminal and its anti-rotation mechanism. Using a suitable screwdriver, gently open the anti-rotation mechanism towards the centre of the lamp holder so as to clear it from the locking teeth on the bulb receptacle. This will now allow the lamp holder body to be unscrewed from the lamp holder top.  Once disassembled, gently prise the anti-rotation tab back into position using a pair of small pliers so that it engages with the locking teeth on the bulb receptacle. We have also provided a downloadable visual guide to disassembly in the documents tab below.

The vintage nature of this lamp holder fitting combines with the Edison Style light bulb to give a candle light type color with a great look, suited to decorative event lighting for restaurants and bars, weddings, parties or displays. The cable to use with this lamp holder needs to be 3 core as the lamp holder requires and earth. Wiring is an “in parallel” festoon style with two earth, two active wires and two neutral wires. Cut cables to length to allow for lamp holder spacing, twist together actives and connect to brass connector then do the same for the neutral and earth connector. Feed the cable back through upper exit points carefully to allow lamp holder base to screwed into position. Fit cordgrip grommets and screw cord grip securely. The hook is fitted to enable the string light to be suspended from thin wire or chain so as to take strain of the total weight.

This lamp holder is available as a smooth body style or can come with threaded shade nuts should a shade or cage be required.

The light bulbs we suggest for this would include all 25W E27 bulbs and also any E27 LED bulb (Pictured with GLS LED).


Lengths should not exceed 500 Watts usage in total.
Diameter: 40mm
Height: 120mm