Nickel Threaded Lamp holder Edison E27 fitting

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Shade Nuts * 

These are the rings shown as one fitted at the base end of the lamp holder. They are required for shade and/or gallery attachment

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Nickel Threaded Lamp holder Edison E27 fitting, finished in nickel plate. Available with 10mm, 20mm or 1/2″ 26 TPI threaded entry. The 10mm and 1/2″ options are supplied with approximately 40mm of threaded nipple and a hex nut. Longer lengths of allthread and brass pipe are available here. The 20mm option is suitable for use with our electrical conduit products. Internally this Nickel Threaded Lamp holder Edison E27 fitting features a quality ceramic insert and brass screw terminals. This precision made solid brass E27 lamp holder features a high quality ceramic insert with brass screw terminals.

Shade nuts are employed to hold a gallery or in some instances, a shade directly to the lamp holder. Where shade nuts are required to connect a galley or light shade, select two from the dropdown available. Our smooth variations of the brass E27 lamp holders do not have this feature.

This lamp holder must be earthed and uses an anti rotation mechanism to ensure that the body can not be open when changing the bulb. Before applying power after wiring and reassembly, test the anti-rotation feature. If it fails to lock, remove the lamp holder body and bulb receptacle and gently open the anti-rotation mechanism over to a more aggressive position.

Our brass lampholders are compliant to AS/NZ standards and hold a Certificate of Approval (RCM) and CE for European markets.

Disassembly instructions

Locate the active terminal and its anti-rotation mechanism. Using a suitable screwdriver, gently open the anti-rotation mechanism towards the centre of the lamp holder so as to clear it from the locking teeth on the bulb receptacle. This will now allow the lamp holder body to be unscrewed from the lamp holder top. Once disassembled, gently prise the anti-rotation tab back into position using a pair of small pliers so that it engages with the locking teeth on the bulb receptacle. We have also provided a downloadable visual guide to disassembly in the documents tab below.

This lamp holder must be earthed.

Input Voltage Max: 250VAC
Rated Current Max: 4A
Earth Requirement: Yes
Temperature Classification: T170
Material: Brass & ceramic
Base Type: Edison Screw, ES, E27
Shade Nut: Yes, one as standard.
Recommended Shade Hole Dia: 38mm
Threaded Entry Options: M10x1 – M20x1.5 – 1/2″ BSB 26TPI
Height: 58mm
Diameter: 48mm
Certifications: RCM SGS-160552-EA, CE

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