White Plain Porcelain E27 pendant lamp holder

USD $14.27

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

White Plain Porcelain E27 pendant lamp holder is a rewire-able Edison type lamp holder. The White Plain Porcelain E27 pendant lamp holder surface is a little rustic but with a gloss finish. The terminal connector is ceramic with brass screws. The threaded base locks into place so that accidental unscrewing of the lamp holder base is avoided.

When removing the ceramic ring during wiring the locking tab should be pressed down slightly so that the locking mechanism is released. This will then avoid damage to the ceramic teeth that lock the ring when wired and in use.

The contemporary nature of this lamp holder combined with an Edison Style light bulb to gives a candle light colour with a modern look, suited to warehouse style apartment living.

Combine with our decorative fabric covered cable to create a distinctive individual pendant style. This lamp holder can be wired with two core cable since the ceramic housing provides an insulating body. Were 3 core cable is used it is advisable to remove a short length of earth cable internally so as not to contact with live connections leaving just enough to locate in the cord grip.

Fitted with white plastic cordgrip
Diameter: 47mm
Height: 76mm