White Porcelain E27 twin entry lampholder

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Product Description

White Porcelain E27 twin entry lampholder is a rewire-able Edison type lampholder. The threaded section is steel and the connector insulator is ceramic. Threaded base screws into place covering the neutral connection to the bulb. This lampholder will not accept all bulb shapes due to a narrow neck. We are working to provide a list of suitable bulbs but at this stage we know a standard shape will work (GLS).

The contemporary nature of this lampholder fitting combines with the Edison Style light bulb to give a candle light type color with a modern look, suited to warehouse type apartment living.

Fitted with fixed steel ring for connection to steel cable, light chain or other suitable hanging material. Wiring is via two sides with one active wire and one neutral wire. Cable is connected via these two connections so a two core cable will be required so it can also be used as a pendant by wiring positive and neutral to either side of the lampholder and suspending via the steel ring.


Diameter: 57mm
Height: 75mm