Holophane glass Ice cream shade

AUD $204.55

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Holophane glass Ice cream shade. The old world Holophane type ribbed glass shade shows of the warm color of the Edison bulb. The prismatic effect of the patterns breaks up the light and spreads it around the room. This shade has a 4.25in gallery top.

Two separate glass components enclose the globe completely. There are four solid brass connectors (included) that when undone allow separation of the two parts to allow access to change bulbs. We have a G95 LED in this fixture and so there are a few different bulb options. Vintage or LED.

Order as a glass only component or a full pendant.

Material: Holophane glass.
Gallery: 4 1/4” 3 screws.


Diameter: 300mm
Height (Glass only): 150mm