LED 24V DC Transformer Driver AU

AUD $25.00AUD $228.00

Warranty: 3 Years

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Product Description

LED 24V DC Transformer Driver AU for powering our 24V LED festoon lights on your lighting system. When making up a light with 24V LED’s for signage or custom solution choose a driver with enough power to cover the total wattage required. You should allow for some headroom to allow for cable length and cable type also.

SELV, 240VAC input with 24VDC Constant Voltage, waterproof IP67 rated with AUS 3 pin plug.
Complies to IEC-61347-2-13:2006; AS/NZS 61347.1.2002 with RCM certification.

Separated Extra Low Voltage (SELV)
Rated Input Voltage: 240VAC 50Hz.
Output Voltage: 24VDC.
Rated Wattage: 20W, 30W, 60W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W.
Ingress Protection: IP67.
Plug Type: AUS 3 Pin.
Certification: RCM (TUV15432EA), ROHS.