360mm Green enameled dome factory shade

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Product Description

360mm Green enameled dome factory shade. This is a 14 inch dome factory shade with a 10mm hole at the top. Enameled gloss green on the out side and white reflective inside.
This is a medium sized affordable version factory shade that can take virtually any size bulb including our decorative filament bulbs. A great solution for High Lumen output C100 LED in situations where a lot of light is required. This is a shade only and can be wired with affordable Bakelite lampholder pendant with a cord grip used at the top to secure.

Spun steel in fairy heavy gauge and carefully enameled white reflector with high gloss green enamel on the outside makes them idea for domestic and commercial lighting. These are the best solution when a big light source is required that can direct light down for maximum effect.

This product is just a shade, no cable or lamp holder is included. The hole at the top is 10mm in order to take a standard plastic cable grip.



Green Enamel Metal shade
280 mm height
360 mm bottom diameter