Bakelite Art Deco double power point

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Product Description

Bakelite Art Deco double power point. Fix to plasterboard or masonary as single GPO. Masonary fit required Clipsal 157/4 wall mount whilst plasterboard requires special fixing plate, part (DECOMBQ). Choose from the addon drop down to include as required. Authentic pattern brown and dark bakelite with Art Deco motif. This is the perfect electric outlet for a 1930’s or 40’s building renovation or to add the final touch to that commercial development with a steampunk theme.

For your restoration hardware of reproduction light switches and reproduction electric power points.
Antique reproduction electrical fittings we supply include:

Bakelite Switches & Power Points
Bakelite Dimmers
Art Deco Switches
Art Deco Power Points
Brass Switches & Power Points
Brass Dimmers
Brass TV Aerial Sockets

AUS -NZ only certification
Rated at 10 AMP 240V

110mm x 210mm