Nickel plate brass cord grip ceiling plate 115 mm

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Choose here an option to make a hook type rose or supply with no component.

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Nickel plate brass cord grip ceiling plate 115 mm. This ceiling plate is designed so that lighting flex is secured from this down to the pendant using cloth cord or flex. It allows the perfect length cord to be adjusted and set. Made from pressed brass sheet in nickel plate brass with solid brass cordgrip, it can hold up to 10 kgs suspended.

These ship with a solid steel mount plate that allows secure fitting to structure or plaster board via a number of points and locations.

This plate is also compatible with 4 1/2 inch j-boxes.

This ceiling rose can also be supplied with a hook rather than cordgrip.

Vintage industrial design.
All brass components.
Also compatible with 4 1/2″ junction boxes.

Indoor use.
Static suspension load: 10kgs Max.
Center Thread: 10mm.


Height: 35mm
Diameter: 115mm