Bowser Filter Cylinder Lamp

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Product Description

Bowser Filter Cylinder Lamp. We believe that the main component of this lamp may be a small vintage bowser filter but are not sure of exactly how it was used in its past life. This is an original design by Little Anvil and is limited to one only.

The heavy glass cylinder houses one of our E27 240V threaded entry lampholders, which has an internal locking mechanism that doesn’t allow the body to be accidentally unscrewed when changing the bulb. The lamp is earthed via an internal connection inside the lampholder.

The body of the lamp is attached to an antique heavy cast claw-foot brass base using custom ELG brass components. All of the vintage parts have patina and marks and from a life of use, but are generally in amazing condition and have been sealed with a layer of Penetrol. There is one wafer thin section of glass that has sheared off at the base, half the size of a 5c coin. It can be masked by one of the vertical legs, but it’s old, charming, and has been around for a long time.

Loosening the two nuts on top of the cast iron end cap and removing it along with the glass tube allows access to change the globe.

The lamp comes with an inline switch, 2.0m of poppy red pulley cable and an AU 3-pin plug. We can supply with UK or similar if required. Would suit a hotel concierge, restaurant reception, vintage themed venue/home or as a large decorative table lamp.

Height: 490mm
Diameter at widest point: 140mm
Weight: 2.95kgs