Polished Fire Hose Nozzle Multi Bulb Lamp

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Product Description

Polished Fire Hose Nozzle Multi Bulb Lamp. Copper & Brass Fire hose Nozzle Multi bulb lamp 240V switched with black 3 pin plug and 2.0m braided cloth cable. This design is an up-cycled Steampunk themed lamp featuring a large heavy vintage Fire Hose Nozzle coupled with custom Edison Light Globes antique brass hardware and detailing. This is an original design by Little Anvil and is limited to one only.

The nozzle taps into our ELG Old English solid brass hub, housing four of our E27 240V threaded entry lampholders suspended on Coventry bends. An internal locking mechanism means the body cannot be unscrewed accidentally when changing the bulb. The lamp is earthed via internal connection inside the lampholders and via direct connection to all metal surfaces.

The nozzle has patina and some marks and scores from a life of use, but is generally in amazing condition. There is a rich red component to the brass, which tends to suggest that there is a high copper content. The reflection on the surfaces from warm-tone vintage globes helps provide a beautifully ambient glow. Custom ELG solid brass tube cages with polished sheet brass shades finish this lamp off beautifully.

The lamp comes with an inline switch and 2.0m of Havannah Gold braided cloth cable and an AU 3-pin plug. We can supply with UK or similar if required. Would suit a hotel concierge, restaurant reception, vintage themed venue area or as a large decorative table lamp. Comes with four 25w medium tube filament globes.

Height 700mm
Diameter at widest point 320mm
Weight 6.65 kgs