Vintage Amperes Gauge Desk lamp

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Product Description

Vintage Amperes Gauge Desk lamp. This desk lamp incorporates a large vintage amperes gauge sitting on top a custom crackle finish powder-coated retort stand base, brought together with Edison Light Globes hardware and detailing. This lamp is a one off design from Little Anvil.

The gauge would have originally been used for current monitoring in substations. Some substations may still have these antiques in use, but many have been refurbished and brought up to date with digital metering. These gauges are particularly large and deep which allows ample room for one of our brass E14 lampholders.

Access to the globe comes from removing the face plate via three screws on the rear of the lamp. It would be suited for use as a decorative side table lamp, a hotel lobby, concierge, bar or any vintage themed environment.

Unfortunately, this lamp can not be rewired for use in countries that run 120v. This is for 240v countries only, unless you are able to supply a 240v – 120v converter.


One-off design.
Incorporation of rare Amperes Gauge.
Vintage style crackle finish powder-coated retort stand.
Solid brass lampholder.
Custom Edison Light Globes brass hardware & detailing.
In-line switch.
2m red pulley cable.

Indoor use only.
E27 240VAC (eg. AUS, UK, NZ) ONLY
Integral earth wire.
Globes 15W Max.
Globe included – 15w Vintage tube.

Height: 525mm
Width: 210mm at widest point
Depth: 330mm approx
Weight: 4.9kg