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Vintage Caravan 1952 restoration

Vintage Caravan 1952 restoration using our industrial feel reproduction Edison lighting components and bulbs. From it’s own website “Mr Jenkins“, this caravan is soon to be offered for rent as a mobile onsite party bar. Weddings parties, anything. Sounds like a brilliant idea. Featured in “Vintage Caravan” magazine the lighting solution uses our Mex and […]

Tube Glass Table Lamps

A Tube Glass Table Lamp design has been in the works for a few months and after a bit of CAD work we have a prototype that combines real brass components with 3D printed component. The design is reminiscent of a typical oil lamp. This design will be tested for compliance and will be available […]


Steampunk show, Steamscape opening at Post Industrial Design.

Steampunk show, Steamscape opening at Post Industrial Design goes OFF. What a great turnout tonight for the Steamscape Exhibition. Around 500 people turned up to see the Clockwork Butterfly fashion parade, the exhibition of Steampunk art and design, live music from the Penny Dreadfuls and the voice of our own Katie Haughton. The exhibition showed […]