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Camus Restaurant use Vintage Edison Globes in Northcote

Light Colour Temperature Affects Mood

Have you ever noticed how lighting can affect your mood?  Does the natural light make you feel energised? Do you feel sleepy when the lighting is dim?  Does harsh hospital lighting make you feel uneasy or romantic candlelight make you relax?  The reason for this effect is the colour temperature of the lighting. Light therapy […]


Restoring, Repurposing Edison Style

Restoring, repurposing Edison Style.  We love nothing better than finding something old and beautiful and giving it new life.  Not only is it environmentally friendly but restoration brings with it a rich history and a story that can’t be replicated with something new.  We have a large range of salvaged and restored lights, here’s a few […]


RMIT Student Lighting Design Collaboration

RMIT Student Lighting Design Collaboration We find it quite inspiring working with students and seeing what exciting new concepts and designs they are coming up with.  We have worked with a number of students over the years on various lighting projects and always welcome the opportunity. We recently had the pleasure of working with Aashish […]


Denfair 2017 Highlights and Trends

Now in its third year running, DENFAIR is fast becoming the highlight of Australia’s design calendar and a leading destination for contemporary design and art. Held over three days in Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre from 8-10 June – with two professional-only days and the last day open to the public – DENFAIR attracted a […]

The Dog Hotel - Vintage Lights for Heritage Listed Bar

The Dog Hotel – Vintage Lights for Heritage Listed Bar

Edge Design Studio was engaged to completely refurbish The Dog Hotel.  An iconic, heritage listed pub purchased by the Good Beer Company. The sprawling pub, set over two levels consists of public and lounge bars, courtyards, gaming rooms and a 120 seat restaurant on the top floor relaunched at the end of 2016 as Duke’s Bistro. […]

Edison Goes Steampunk Rusted Mule San Francisco

Edison Goes Steampunk Rusted Mule San Francisco

Edison Goes Steampunk at Rusted Mule in San Francisco. Entering this 1908 brick-walled space, Rusted Mule (opened in February 2017) is a nautical, steampunk wonderland of dramatic chandeliers, metal and copper works (including a large range of our re-purposed ships lighting and custom brass lights). The bar’s vibe is intended to be “soft steampunk,” with […]


Festoon Pendant Drops – A Clever Alternative!

We recently discovered some beautiful images of our Festoon Pendant Drops via one of our customer’s Instagram feeds.  Dress My Wedding have used the Pendant Drops to style a beautiful wedding setting. Dress My Wedding is a boutique wedding & event decor and furniture hire company based in Geelong.  Their collection of furniture and props help […]

Pantry Cafe Wasl Square Dubai go industrial

Pantry Cafe Wasl Square Dubai go industrial

Pantry Cafe Wasl Square Dubai go industrial with lighting design components from Edison Light Globes. Pantry Cafe, with an open kitchen, a live pizzeria and a beverage bar, has opened its doors at Al Wasl Square in Dubai.The Pantry Café team is extremely thrilled to captivate the senses of our customers. We wanted to create […]

Common Galaxia interior lighting design

Common Galaxia interior lighting design

Justin Lamont used Edison Light Globes hardware and with a close attention to detail we managed to combine the overall theme of the cafe with Justin’s fantastic bespoke metal shades and tube covers. Common Galaxia was designed by Luke Mutton of Sunkland Project. Sunkland Project is the creator of Dead Man Espresso & Common Galaxia. […]