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Vintage Edison Light Bulb range

New to the shop are two tube lamps both fantastic designs and less expensive than previously available bulbs.

Original Edison Swan Electric Co Ltd Lamp

Brass cage Steampunk Wall Light

Brass cage Steampunk Wall Light design is coming along and you can now have a better look at the design soon to be released. We have been working on a prototype build and also working on some variations both in overall size and materials and colors. We assumed a bronze color and bronzed brass backing […]


Steampunk show, Steamscape opening at Post Industrial Design.

Steampunk show, Steamscape opening at Post Industrial Design goes OFF. What a great turnout tonight for the Steamscape Exhibition. Around 500 people turned up to see the Clockwork Butterfly fashion parade, the exhibition of Steampunk art and design, live music from the Penny Dreadfuls and the voice of our own Katie Haughton. The exhibition showed […]

Steampunk lighting style at Steamscape Exhibition.

At Post Industrial Design in Footscray in March we are showing a range of lighting components with the work of sculptor Jos Van Hulsen.