Tomodachi Japanese restaurant makeover

Tomodachi Japanese restaurant makeover design and work completion has been performed by the good folks at StudioMKZ. It was a simple upgrade to the existing 300sqm. The Tomodachi Japanese restaurant is up at Broadway Shopping Centre. Shown here are images of the New Brass E27 lampholders and some larger exotic bulbs like the Plum spiral filament from Switzerland.

All the lighting gear supplied by Edison Light Globes was imported specially for this job and shipped overnight to Sydney. Due to the size of the order comprising of around 80 fittings and bulbs we did find getting everything in stock a challenge, but we got there in the end.

If you are in Sydney and looking for designers for this type of makeover get hold of Luisa Moran Interior Designer from StudioMKZ
Suite 406, The Cooperage Building
56 Bowman Street Pyrmont NSW 2009

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