DIY Plumbing Pipe Light hardware

When building plumbing pipe lights, many people have been faced with the problem of how to seamlessly attach a lamp holder or socket to threaded plumbing pipe directly without taking the dangerous, but sadly overused option of gluing cast iron surface to plastic .

We have been able to solve the issue by manufacturing a custom component that allows us to adapt a standard light fitting thread size and type to a length of plumbing pipe thread type.

Our 0.5inch BSTP – 0.5inch BSB 26TPI Plumbing Pipe to Light Fitting Coupler comes in either steel or brass and takes away the problem of achieving a strong mechanical joint. This also allows the whole light fitting to inherit a solid earth or ground connection wired to the lamp holder. This is an important component of electrical safety and should not be overlooked. An earth connection should also be made to any ceiling connection component that is removable.

For US E26 sockets and Bakelite lamp holders with a 10mm thread we also make a 10mm to half in BSP/NPT plumbing pipe thread.

Category: Hardware