120 Volt products

Welcome to our North American product web store with products that are exclusively 120 volt.

This site is for customers who require 120 volt mains UL Listed lighting hardware for use in North America

Login for this website are separate to our International website

Orders placed here on our North American product website will be listed with North American specific terminology and compliance information and will ship via DHL from our main workshop in Australia.

All dimensions listed here are in inches and pounds and currency is in US Dollars.

A “Free Trade” agreement between the USA and Australia means import duties are now eliminated or much reduced when purchasing from within the USA.

Import duties will apply to product imported to countries outside the USA, including Canada.

Once your order is complete you can ‘Proceed to Checkout’ where you will create an account with us.

At the checkout you can choose your delivery and payment method. All orders must be paid in full before they will be processed. We do not take part payments and will not hold stock.

All shipments to customers are through DHL. We reserve the right to substitute couriers if it provides a better, faster experience  for our customers.

Our North American 120V web store carries a limited amount of products compared to our international web store which carries all of our products in stock. Products that are not on our North American Web Store, but are on our International web store, must be purchased from our international site.

Edison Light Globes is a web-based manufacturer/retailer. We do not provide customer service over the phone. 

However, we do provide robust customer service through our online ticket system at

[email protected] 

We try to respond to each inquiry within a 12 hour period and give comprehensive information about our products through links and photos to help you make your purchasing decisions.

While using our webstore, you can use a mobile device, or desktop to view our products, however, the desktop experience is more comprehensive to our web store.

We use Drop Down menus in our web store to pick and choose different components and options for your order.

For additional help, we have our  YouTube Channel that explains what our products are, and how they are used.