Medium Bulb Brass Cage



Warranty: 1 Year

Add a brass shade

This shade attaches to the cage bars but nuts

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Product Description

Medium Bulb Brass Cage hand assembled from solid brass components. Has a 40mm hole at either end and can be attached to our E26 Brass Sockets with two shade nuts and shade nut barrel adapter. Comes complete with optional brass shade. This cage is made to house our 185mm tube bulbs. This cage is available in self color new brass, bronze plated brass or nickel plated brass.

1.5″ (40mm)socket mount
7.25′ long
2.75″ width

1.5″ (40mm)socket mount
7.25′ long
2.75″ width
Construction, Brass
Fits E26 socket with shade nut option
Finish brass, bronze or nickel