Plumbing Pipe To Light Fitting Coupler M10

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Product Description

Plumbing Pipe To Light Fitting Coupler M10. This component allows you to attach our existing 10mm threaded entry sockets to (12mm) 1/2″ NPT plumbing pipe and hardware. These are suitable for connection to Bakelite and Brass E26 and E12 sockets. We can supply brass E26 sockets of a superior strength for this purpose that come with a length of 10mm brass allthread.

When you require a socket to be attached firmly so as not to come loose you should use a thread locker to secure the all thread brass nipple to the coupler. Mostly a socket will have  a grub screw to make a locked connection to all thread. An example of this fixing is our Vintage Galvanised Nickel Wall Sconce Candle

Where you need to suspend a pendant via decorative cloth covered cable these couplers can be used to attach a brass cord grip. This component will ensure that the cable cannot be pulled from the pipe fitting components so as to make sure an electrical short can’t occur.

Note: 12mm NTP pipe diameter is ~22mm OD.
Available in steel or flat black powdercoat.

Additional Information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .2 in

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Diameter: 2″
Thickness: .15″
Hole: 1.5″