4 Watt dimmable filament LED amber glass A165 random globe

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Warranty: 3 Years

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Product Description

4 Watt dimmable filament LED amber glass A165 random globe E26. This new form LED (Light-emitting diode) with modern high efficiency LED technology.  A color temp of 2200K ensures vintage style warm color. This 4 Watt dimmable filament LED amber glass A165 random globe is a 290mm long soft spiral filament style LED and uses the latest technology. This is a dimmable globe that provides medium output at 4 Watts. This odd shape may be of use in a special situation where a big bulb is required. This would make a great globe in a spider pendant for large foyer design or in our large insulator table lamp. These weigh around .3 kgs each so they would be fine on a regular pendant with brass lamp holder.

Amber Glass

When not lit up the amber tinted glass provides an interesting feature also. This globe employs a special high strength glass envelope unlike regular globes so as to make more robust in such a large design.

This is a standard retrofit E26 and fits regular light fittings with good representation of colors. Therefore the bulb is fantastic for atmospheric lighting, in a multi-bulb pendant light, as well as discreet lighting.

Unlike other types of lights, LED’s do not emit UV rays making them safer for long term exposure to people and less attractive to insects.

  • Incandescent & halogen lights waste more than 80% of the energy used by generating excess heat.
  • LED’s generate far less heat which is why they are so efficient.
  • Less heat also means less risk of fire due to overheating of ceiling insulation material.
  • LED Lights use 80% less power than conventional incandescent or halogen lights and 50% less than compact florescent.
  • The power saving from an LED light will usually pay for itself in less than 2 years.

Input Voltage: 120VAC 60Hz
Rated Lamp Wattage: 4W
Luminous Flux: 190lm
Life to 50% Failure: 20,000hrs
Switching Cycles: 100,000
Dimmable: Yes
Color Temperature: Very warm 2200K
Color Rendition Index : 95Ra
Glass Type: Amber tint
Beam Angle: 360º
Base Type: Edison Screw E26, ES
Bulb Shape: Specialty A165 shape
Height Overall: 11.5 inches
Diameter: 6.5 inches
Certifications: RoHS FCC UL Listed File E478785, Vol. 1
Warranty: 3 years domestic, 2 years commercial.