120 V Mains double insulated single lighting wire Ground

USD $0.31 per ft

Weight: 0.01lbs

Product Price
Product Price

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Mains double insulated single lighting wire Earth made specially to wire internally into DIY light fittings.

This double insulated lighting cable is mainly used to create DIY plumbing pipe lights of all designs. When using plumbing pipe to create a light fitting in 120 Volt mains we recommend this double insulated cable so that a legal compliance is obtained. Where no earth is provided all cables in conduit like plumbing pipe must be double insulated.

This cable is the core element used to make our 3 core braided pendant cable.

Where possible an earth should also be employed but so long as double insulated cable is used then any lamp holder can be used.

This cable is constructed utilizing UL recognized style AWM-1015 cores with a secondary reinforcing PVC jacket (double insulated). A decorative braid is individually applied prior to twisting. This cable has also been carefully designed to provide a minimal overall diameter, enabling it to pass easily through grommets and tubes.

Please note: Lengths ordered are supplied as one continuous piece, ie order 6ft and you will receive a single, continuous 6ft length.

Operating temperature: +220°F maximum outer insulation temperature
Operating Voltage: 600V
Current Rating: 6A
Cores: 1
Cross Sectional Area: 18AWG
Multi-stranded annealed tinned copper.
Insulation: Double insulated PVC/PVC
Insulation Colours: Green
Braiding Material: Poly cloth
Average Diameter: 0.245?
Static suspension load: 8.8lb Max.
UL listing: E189674 (Table of recognized style: AWM-1015)